Cinecast Episode 208 – It’s Gonna Be Ass-Tastic!

Welcome to another edition of the Cinecast, wherein the boys talk a little Joe Wright and Super-Spy-Assassins with the weekend release of Hanna. There is no Gamble on the show today, but in order to properly plumb the depth and nuance of Your Highness, we bring in a mystery guest. Then it is on to Kurt’s 3 days in Asheville, NC watching action films and stunt folks from around the world ply their trade at ActionFest. A recap of some of the highlight titles (from Bangkok stunt-reel filmmaking to white knuckle mountain climbing thrillers and Mixed Martial Arts Kumite) along with plans to revisit next year. DVD and netflix picks round out a show that is on-target and efficient, but a tad on the foul-tongued side. Fair warning.

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Bow Down to New Pics from “Your Highness”

While we’re all big fans of David Gordon Green around here, I venture that I’m not alone in expressing my slight dismay at yet another stoner comedy with two of the same actors from Pineapple Express. Not to say that I don’t look forward to it; I do, but I like him when sticking to the much lovelier indie drama types.

That said, I also look forward to seeing what he can do with a medieval-style, big budget fiesta complete with outrageous special effects. Said effects apparently are what is dogging down the post production and has the film pushed back a few months into mid-2011 rather than this Halloween as previously stated. I think it’ll be worth the wait – Portman usually is.

Anyway, a new batch of pics floating around the nets today, scanned from a Spanish magazine, Fotogramas. Check ’em out below. Franco has a pretty unruly looking sword there (a human spine?) and the above shot of Portman sort of reminds me of a still from King Arthur featuring Keira Knightley. Awesome.