Cinecast Episode 385 – The Way of all Flesh


There are a lot of rookies out there. The Cinecast ain’t one of them. We’ve seen this before. We’ve seen that before. And we’ve also seen this. And somehow, despite everything discussed today basically being re-hashes of things that have come before, we’re retain the capacity to be impressed, inspired, encouraged and offer kindness. Andrew and Kurt consider the immediate future of the Cinecast as well as the long term future and then in the spirit of re-hashing old things, bitch about pre-show cinema commercials for old time sake. If you put a dollar (or more) in our PayPal, we’ll send you a copy of the show sans the commercial bitching. In The Watch List this week: classic Dr. Who, children being burned alive, whistle blowers, Wes Anderson plot holes and Zach Braff screwing college girls. It’s all here glorious audio format if you only can believe… in a little magic.

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Cinecast Episode 362 – Primordial Dwarfism

Aafter nearly a three week hiatus, Weeeeee’re Baaaaa-aaack. In what is a true first on the Cinecast’s 8 year history, all three of Andrew, Kurt and Matt assembled in the same space to do a show with no telecommunications/web bridge. So, of course we pick a noisy bar and record over too many cocktails. With munchies and Montreal Smoked Meat, on the docket are three main reviews: Guardians of the Galaxy, Boyhood and Lucy which, oddly enough GotG gets the consensus favourite. Ever want to hear Kurt praise a Disney-Marvel production, now is your chance.

There is no 1984 project this week, but rest assured things will return to tomorrow with 2010: The Year We Make Contact next week, and Stop Making Sense after that.

Kurt does his annual 1+ hour recap of The Fantasia International Film Festival (which was also the source of the imported smoked meat) which is followed by a slew of titles from Matt (James Cameron Rape Sci-fi, Abortion Comedy, Punk Catharsis) and Andrew (Zach Braff, Heavy Metal, Alan Partridge and the last of Phillip Seymour Hoffman) with a little Terry Gilliam to round out the picture. LIVE FROM MINNEAPOLIS it is a lengthy, boozy, robust episode of the Cinecast, where bartenders, paramedics, rowdy billiard players, and the odd waitress all make for background character and salty language is tossed around in public spaces.

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Zach Braff’s “Wish I Was Here” [full trailer]

I can already hear the gagging and see the eye-rolling raging across the snobbery that is internet movie web sites. To the curse jar with all of you. I’m super excited to see Zach Braff’s follow-up to his 2004, indie hit Garden State.

The teaser was released about a month ago, but now we’ve got a full fledged trailer that gives us a little more. Though the fantasy angle we’ve been promised is barely seen here, it does come with an all new song from The Shins. So there’s that.

Anyway, have a look and let us know what you’re thinking. Right now.

Wish I Was Here [teaser]

Haters be damned. Seriously. Garden State was one of the best films of 2004 (especially for a first time writer/director!) and continues to delight and entertain me every time I pop it in the DVD player about every 12-18 months. But I’ve been lamenting the fact that Zach Braff hadn’t bothered to do anything else since. Then along comes Kickstarter.

It raised quite the controversy when Braff announced he’d make his next movie if we could help pay for it. No controversy for me; I was glad to help out. So I backed it and I’m hoping for the best while following production diaries over the past few months.

And here comes the teaser today. I’m not entirely sure what to make of it, but it looks damn good visually and it’s got The Postal Service aurally. And what’s this? Could Kate Hudson finally, finally(!), be putting on a performance that comes close to her Oscar nominated Penny Lane?

Take a look at the trailer below and see what you think. The film also stars Braff, Ashley Greene, Joey king, Jim Parsons and Mandy Patinkin.

Mamo #301: Kickstarting Oblivion in China

Mamo returns! We look at the changing face of China in light of Iron Man 3, the sci-fi might of Tom Cruise and Oblivion, before diving into the whole Zach Braff Kickstarter fracas. There’s some larger point to be made here about how and where movies make money, we’re sure.

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Cinecast Episode 296 – Praying at the Juno Temple

Without much going on in theaters currently, Andrew and Kurt take to the internet and discuss the current VOD release of The Brass Teapot starring Juno Temple and Michael Angarano. A quiet little 80s style suburban fable with a a dash of Dante, a sprinkle of The Great Recession and a dollop of light bondage. Andrew sorts out his security issues with the Google-machine and the video edition returns. All the better to see you with (my dear) as we delve further into the Orson Scott Card boycott – which is a do-over of the Polanski debates had on previous Cinecast shows. Andrew finds pleasure in needling our frequent co-host, Matt Gamble, when he can’t defend himself. The Watch List is also Polanski heavy as well TV-talk with disparate subjects ranging from “Game of Thrones” season 2, and the long running medical dramedy with Zach Braff in “Scrubs.” We delve into the 1% defense examined in Richard Gere’s Arbitrage and sad-sack Stallone in James Mangold’s Copland.

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Alright! Braff is Back on the Proverbial Horse

Zach BraffI know that I’m in the minority around here when it comes to loving Zach Braff’s writing/directing debut, Garden State. But that’s okay, because I’m right. It’s fun, it’s well written, the drama is believable, the characters are great, the story is real and all of this is balanced terrifically with some nicely crafted humor that works fantastically when it needs to. Oh, and it has Peter Sarsgaard in it. So yeah, victory is mine.

The good news today though, is that we all win because apparently all of my bitching for the past three years seems to have paid off as Zach Braff appears to finally have himself a new project: writer, director and star of a new film entitled Swingles; which is being described as sort of a 21st Century version of When Harry Met Sally, co-starring Cameron Diaz.

That’s basically about the extent of the information available right now, but I’m really just glad to see Braff get away from sitcoms and film flops and get back to writing/directing. The story doesn’t sound all that exciting to me and I hope this isn’t a case of the sophmore slump. But again, if Garden State is any indication, there no reason to think we won’t have more critical success with Swingles.

Cinecast Episode 118 – In Fabulous 2D!

cinecast_promo.jpg Matt Gamble

Episode 118:
Where the Long Tail Ends returns as Kurt and Andrew dive into Seth Rogen’s latest, crimes in time and Matt and Andrew about life on the moon. A couple of little tiffs this episode. Don’t fuckin knock LOST! Yeah, should be interesting…

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