Mamo 471: Peak Mamo

Wonder Woman is here, and we dive deep into the suddenly-refreshing waters of the DCEU – with additional talk of Batman, the Justice League, Aquaman, and the cult of narrative around projects of this scale. Plus, Price’s Disney boycott finally worked, and with Sense8 on its way out, peak TV may have finally peaked.

Trailer: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has had a long troubled journey to the big screen. But she’s almost here, and taking a page out of Captain America, it appears that Warner Brothers, who have recently been pretty terrible with DC properties, has cut a fun, colourful picture that just happens to be a period piece. The dialogue is a bit on the hokey side, but that is a welcome change from the grim, moribose DC-verse that has been on screen for the past decade. Gal Gadot seems to look pretty effortless in the role, and complaints diminutive size, appear entirely unfounded here. She kicks ass with the best of them.

Mamo 441: Matt-Man v. Super-Matt – Dawn of Mamo


Two Matts enter, one Matt leaves! Then another Matt leaves, by a different door. It’s the title fight you’ve all been waiting for: does Batman v. Superman deserve a Dawn of Justice or what even is Justice in this context anyway yadda yadda yadda maybe the movie’s not that bad.

Mamo #331: Tears of the Goddess

One seems like a situation where there’s no way to get it right; and the other a scenario where the studio is determined to get it wrong. Mamo assembles to discuss the future of two Hollywood franchises: The Fast and the Furious in the wake of Paul Walker’s death, and the Warner Brothers clusterfuck of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

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Mamo #256: The Distinguished Competition

We stop en route to Refocus Films’ screening of Onur Tukel’s Richard’s Wedding to catch up on the latest announcements out of Marvel and DC, look back on Snow White and the Huntsman, and look ahead to the long-awaited Prometheus.

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