Friday One Sheet: The Girl On The Train

A simple, but quite lovely, design for the upcoming adaptation of the novel, The Girl On The Train. I have not read the book, but clearly the designers are aimed at ‘you will not see what is coming’ with the zipper/train motif on a woman’s back, as she faces away from us. They used the stylized type from the cover of the source novel, fine, but why use a different font (and colour) everywhere else? Not entirely sure. It’s a quibble in an otherwise pretty striking, yet delightfully minimal poster.

Cinecast Episode 359 – Downtown China

Not sure even where to start with the monologue this week. Let’s see, there’s The Bay-Man’s fourth installment in the giant robots fiasco; which inexplicably is really easy to get worked up about. It’s not really worthy of hate, nothing to love, yet so easy to rant about. There’s a “sick, twisted desire” to torture ourselves over this movie – plus always an opportunity to delve into Andrew’s sordid history with the franchise.

Before all of this is Bong Joon-Ho’s English language debut with Snowpiercer and it’s overly satirical view of our apocalyptic, dystopian future on a crazy train. And Chris Evans is there. And protein bars made of shitty CGI.

The 1984 project continues with Val Kilmer’s first starring role in Top Secret!. He sings, dances, talks backwards, bar fights underwater and delivers punchlines that will be stolen by countless films for the next thirty years.

The Watch List sees Kurt wrapping up Breaking Bad, Andrew living in Tiny Houses, and Matt enjoying Disney’s Amblin knock-off currently playing in theaters. It’s a 150 minute power rant. LATRINE!

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!



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Trailer: Bong Joon-Ho’s Snowpiercer

After fellow Koreans Kim Ji-Woon and Park Chan-Wook launched their English language debut films (The Last Stand and Stoker, respectively) the most nuanced of the trio of directorial superstars, Bong Joon-Ho is delivering the largest in scale, the nuclear-winter bound science fiction flick, Snowpiercer. He has brought along the magnificent Song Kang-Ho for the train ride, alongside a sampling of Brit and American character actors including, Tilda Swinton, John Hurt, Ed Harris, Jamie Bell, Octavia Spencer, Steve Park, Ewen Bremner, Allison Pill and Chris Evans. You may not be able to recognize many of them covered in dirt, grease and facial hair.

Bong’s Memories of Murder and The Host are two of my favourite Korean films, thus, I have high expectations for this one, Inception soundtrack and all…

A train-trapped version of Alien3 with Orwellian grace notes and a lots of axes, this hopefully, will be my The Hunger Games! Set in a future where, after a failed experiment to stop global warming, an ice age kills off all life on the planet except for the inhabitants of the Snowpiercer, a train that travels around the globe and is powered by a sacred perpetual-motion engine. A class system evolves on the train but a revolution brews. The film is an adaptation of Jean-Marc Rochette’s French graphic novel series Le Transperceneige.

There is Nothing Wrong with this Horse. 2nd Lone Ranger Trailer.

Lone Ranger

This is how you cut a trailer folks. Strange and improbable situations, excellent and communicable character moments, and music for giving good montage demonstrate the craft of good trailer cutting. Most importantly, however, the second trailer for the Johnny Depp/Armie Hammer starring The Lone Ranger offers a feel for the tone of the storytelling and a good look at the world you are going to pay $12 to see. Gore Verbinksi gets better with age, and I have the utmost faith that this film is going to be a lot of fun. Heck, I might even go see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 based on this trailer.

Review: Good For Nothing

Here is a western that is hard to pin down. An odd little comedy that is as dry as the Kiwi grasslands and perhaps as infertile. It has spectacular New Zealand vistas filling in for John Ford’s Monument Valley, but diverges wildly from any sort of Hollywood (or Italian) formula by making sexual impotence the driving force of the story. With unlikeliness as the byword – a charming rape-romance? – Good For Nothing boldly has its anti-hero, billed only as The Man, voice his first line of dialogue, “My dick’s broke.” My Darling Clementine this ain’t, but the film is not without a slew of eccentric charms.

The film opens with a train crawling across the barren landscape. Now, trains can be surely act as a metaphor for anything in the movies. In the western, specifically, they usually stand in progress or civilization or change, here perhaps the intimation is decidedly phallic. I’m getting ahead of myself. On the train is Isabella Montgomery, a well heeled but feisty English-woman who is being reluctantly handed off by her chaperone to her Uncle’s men charged with escorting her to the isolated estate where she is to, presumably, make a life. A less than wise rest stop at a seedy bar for a whiskey (water for the lady) quickly devolves into a triple murder with the killer kidnapping Isabella for a “poke” in the woods. She resists, he can’t get it up and the film tips its hand of cards and lands somewhere between a comedy of manners and the pathology of Stockholm Syndrome.

As they wander around the wilderness, a dysfunctional Bonnie & Clyde, he is looking for a medicine man (Chinese, Native American, whatever works) to have his ‘soldier stand to attention,’ while she tries to escape. The Man spits and grunts like an uncouth savage, while Isabella is stripped down to her corset & undies and tied to the pommel of his saddle like any other piece of survival gear. With each violent encounter (yes, those medicine men), her white skirts get shorter as she binds wounds, both hers and his, with the fabric. The increasing exposure in the unrelenting heat merely makes Isabella’s skin gently perspire in the desert sun. Good For Nothing is hardly the bodice-ripping romance novel that the last sentence implies. It can be cruel at times, showing off an alarming number of head shots and penetrating wounds – The writer/director, Mike Wallis, was one of the Weta-Wizards on Lord of the Rings, King Kong and Avatar – but the film is never without a droll (nearly imperceptible) wink at its own over-ripe silliness. The film brims with subtle innuendo. A strange cocktail that is not at all camp, but more along the lines of the most restrained screwball comedy ever made. An equally impotent, or rather, incompetent posse is also after the couple – mistakenly thinking that Isabella is the Man’s accomplice and whore – the cutaway to the hunters provides more comic relief before the film ‘climaxes’ in its own jolly-good brand or moral relativism. The penis is tamed but not broken and the lady stands tall, looking into the distance in with her hair blowing in the breeze. Maybe it is a romance after all.

Good For Nothing opens theatrically in New York today, March 9th.

An “Unstoppable” Trailer

So most people haven’t been real impressed with anything Tony Scott has done for about ten years now. Me? Well despite the horrid outing of his last picture/remake, The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, I’m still an apologist and defender of the man’s filmography. I’m still on board with just about anything the studios release with Scott’s name attached as director.

Not real surprising that Denzel takes the lead yet again for Tony Scott’s newest: Unstoppable. Washington has essentially been Scott’s “anti-muse” for the better part of 15 years and I imagine we’ll see the two collaborating for years to come. What might be of interest to many is the return of Chris Pine for a big role in a major studio picture. Was the Capt. Kirk role a fluke or can the kid bring something to the proverbial table? I feel like I’ve seen the premise of this movie ten times already (a runaway train loaded with chemical explosives) and was pretty underwhelmed with what I see in the trailer… until Rosario Dawson popped in. That’s it, I’m sold.

Is there any sort of excitement or interest in this movie (releasing November 12th) at all?

The trailer is tucked under the seat.
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The Taking of Pelham 123 Trailer

The Taking of Pelham 123 Movie StillI have a bad habit. I tend to buy movies on recommendation alone, which often leads them onto my shelf to sit unwatched for months if not years. That is the case with Joseph Sargent’s The Taking of Pelham 123 which was recommended at some point and which I purchased for $10. It’s still sitting on the shelf – unwrapped but also unwatched. Looks like I’ll have to put a little more effort into sitting down with that one since the trailer for the remake is now kicking around the interwebs.

Directed by Tony Scott, the modern take stars John Travolta as the leader of the kidnappers and Denzel Washington as the Metro worker who ends up as chief negotiator. Watching the trailer I had two thoughts. The first was that there was a whole lot more action going on than I expected and secondly, I’m having a hard time buying Washington as a meek sort of dude who *happens* to get caught up in all of the action. I’m now used to seeing him kick ass and this meek Washington isn’t doing much for me. The one real highlight of the trailer: James Gandolfini. I can’t figure out what role he plays but god I love that guy. The cast is nicely, very nicely actually, rounded out with Luis Guzmán and John Turturro.

Not sure this will be any good but I’m wondering if this will turn out like Domino a lovable, crazy mess of a movie. We’ll find out when The Taking of Pelham 123 opens on June 12th.

Trailer is tucked under the seat!

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Sundance Winner Sin Nombre Trailer

Sin Nombre Movie StillI spotted a trailer for Sin Nombre yesterday but nothing about the film’s description caught my attention but when Kurt sent the link over this morning, I though I’d better give it a look.

A winner at Sundance, taking home cinematography and directing awards, Cary Fukunaga’s first full length feature film has certainly seen it’s share of attention so far and with the names of Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna to help it along, it’s likely to do well with some audiences. It’s the story of a Honduran teenager who finds her salvation, her was into the US, via an ex-gang member on the run.

Kurt mentioned how watching the trailer without sound reminded him of a vérité
version of Slumdog Millionaire but the first film that came to mind for me was Maria Full of Grace. However you cut it, I love some of the visuals of this trailer, particularly the look of the gangsters who look like soldiers of satan.

Sin Nombre is scheduled to open in limited release on March 20th.

Trailer is tucked under the seat!

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