Cinecast Episode 405 – SPECTRE-tacular

Kurt is back from Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival, and he might have a thing or two to say about the movies, the town and the folks at that festival. At nearly two hours we can only say brace yourself for genre-overload. But first, Matt Gamble joins Kurt & Andrew midway through the conversation on Christopher McQuarrie’s installment of the Mission Impossible franchise. Kurt loved it. Andrew liked it. Matt, well, Matt watched it. Practical stunts, exceptional set-pieces and the ass-kicking talents of Rebecca Ferguson and a cleaned up and ready for prime time Sean Harris are all on the conversational docket. While there is no full “True Detective” segment this episode (we’ll cap the remaining three off, next time) there is a full Watch List for your listening pleasure, and Matt does briefly chime in on this season of “True Detective,” along with the doc on Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr. Moreau remake disaster, and Adam Sandler’s Pixels. Andrew covers off the cult classic Wet Hot American Summer and its direct-to-Nexflix sequel. Finally we settle the Mara Rooney / Kate Mara confusion (sort of).

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A Mammoth Conversation


A number of us managed to see Lukas Moodysoon‘s global-intimate drama, Mammoth, on the festival and VOD circuit (the film was woefully neglected in Canada and the United States) and instead of posting reviews and hashing things out in the comments section amoungst ourselves, we tried the below experiment: Marina, Mike and Kurt simply had a lengthy email conversation on the film, thus allowing things to flow like a conversation and (bonus for you, the reader!) generating a transcript in ‘real-time.’ This is presented below. We assume those reading it have either seen Mammoth, or do not mind treading in *SPOILER* territory. Two of us, at least, feel quite passionate about the films timeliness and relevancy and believe Moodysson has a lot of things to say (with no small amount of eloquence and grace). We mine the movies themes and influences at length:


MIKE: To get the ball rolling, I thought we could talk first about our initial expectations for Mammoth, and put our biases on the table. I had never heard of the director, Lukas Moodysson, so it had nothing to live up to, in fact I knew nothing about the film other than that it stars Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal and Michelle Williams. Admittedly I adore Michelle Williams and that was the sole reason I wanted to see this film. When it started, immediately there was something ominous to it. This happy mother, father and child playing in their beautiful home, but the score right away takes on a kind of menace out of sync with what is onscreen. Right then I was hooked.

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We’re Finally “In the Loop”

In the LoopAs an avid listener of Mark Kermode movie review podcast, one of the films he has talked about quite a lot as of recent is a title called In the Loop. I really didn’t know much about the movie as it mostly been in only in European markets as it is a British made satire on the US/UK penchant for rushing in to war (specifically Iraq in this case).

While I’ve seen trailers on various websites and on YouTube and what not, the Americanized trailer has been released and I think it’s the best one yet. There is definitely a Kubrick-esque vibe I get from this trailer. Being a crass and vulgar comedy, it’s hard to imagine something like that as Kubrick-esque, but maybe it’s the starting off of the trailer with The William Tell overture or the bombastic one-word fonts that are presented or the quick herky-jerky editing (which it seems is necessary as apparently there isn’t much language in the film that would be safe for a standard, American trailer).

At any rate the film has been getting a good response and after viewing this trailer I can see why. The use of “more colorful metaphors” used in a smart and quick witted way always hit my funny bone in just the right way (see Vince Vaughn). Take a look at the trailer below the seats and I think you’ll agree.
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