Mamo 430: The Battle of the Decompression of the Lord of the Mockingjays, Part II


What’s with all these Part Is, Part IIs, 13-part Netflix series, and the rest? Well, we already know the answer: money. But the case of the extended cut of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies provides a study in knowing when your movie is too long, just right, or in some cases, not long enough.

Apologies in advance – this episode is noisy, even for us. We’ll try to pick a better spot next time (although to be fair, the pizza was terrific).

Mamo #330: Women In General

As Catching Fire catches fire at the box office to the tune of $150 million or more, it’s time to call shenanigans on Hollywood’s decade-old assertion that women can’t open blockbusters – or more to the point, that what a person has between their legs lets you predict what they will and will not do in relation to a good or not-good movie. Correlation and causality get rewired in the latest episode of Mamo!

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Mamo #286: 2013 Unbound

The end of the world came and went, and the makers of films wisely decided to schedule stuff beyond the Mayan apocalypse just in case those crazy pre-civilization watchmakers were wrong. Mamo casts its eyes forward to the big releases of 2013 and does some guessing about where franchise filmmaking will go in the year to come.

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Mamo #249: Off The Road

Mamo road trip! We stop at Zingerman’s Deli in Ann Arbor, Michigan, for a catch-up show. We talk Catching Fire, Avengers, the next Batman, James Cameron, the 3-D 48fps Hobbit, and the future of all mankind (and movies).

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