Bookmarks for May 10-14

  • The Man Gets Around at 102
    “Ridley Scott, the 72-year-old director of “Robin Hood,” was prevented by his recent knee surgery from making it to the Cannes Film Festival’s festival’s opening night bash Wednesday after the red carpet premiere, but 102-year-old Portuguese director Manoel De Oliveira turned up, circulating among the black-tie first-nighters after just having had an audience with Pope Benedict at the Vatican earlier in the day. ”
  • Minority Report UI designer John Underkoffler talks about the future
    User Interface designer and all around tech god John Underkoffler discusses his work with the UI in Steven Spielberg’s “Minority Report” and how his work on the film fed back into developing a technology that works as well as his experience working with Ang Lee on “Hulk.”
  • Q’orianka Kilcher has rare maturity for a young actress
    “Five years ago, at age 14, Q’orianka Kilcher gave what is regarded as one of the great debut performances ever, playing Pocahontas in Terrence Malick’s “The New World,” a film that popped up on more than a few best-of-the-decade lists. So how do you follow that? “
  • Monte Hellman at Cannes
    “If Robert Altman hadn’t had ‘MASH,’ he never would have been able to make all those other movies,” said the journalist and screenwriter Steven Gaydos. “And Monte never had a ‘MASH.’ ”
  • Bunny Dojo – Designs for Replacement DVD Jackets
    Tired of those lame floating heads on your DVD, HD-DVD or BLU-RAY purchases? Bunny Dojo can set you up with some quality replacements to make your collect just a little classier.
  • The Auteurs is now MUBI
    I think they are idiots to give up a classy name like The Auteurs for a Web 2.0 generic name like MUBI, but they are aiming to offer high quality VOD of art films and what not, so I guess I am glad they simply did not cease to exist and only suffered a moniker change.
  • Harmony Korine on his allegorical, sex-with-garbage horror flick
    “When Korine tells stories like this in interviews — presenting the streets of Nashville as a place where elephants float and teenage wastoids drop dead, positioning himself as a kind of frontline reporter on surrealism in action — it’s tempting to call it bullshit. Promoting his last film, the relatively high-budget elegy to celebrity worship Mr. Lonely, Korine claimed he spent part of an eight-year hiatus from directing living with the Malingerers, a South American cult searching for a golden fish”


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Criterion Co and The Auteurs Present: First Features



Every month the Criterion Collection and The Auteurs website team up to put on an online festival of free streaming films from Criterion’s catalog. This month, the theme is debut features from directors like Agnès Varda (La Pointe Courte), Roman Polanski (Knife in the Water), Jane Campion (Sweetie), Samuel Fuller (I Shot Jesse James) and others.

This is some great stuff, and all of them completely free to stream during the month of September. The films from each month’s festival are available to stream afterwards for $5 each, and previous festivals include Cannes Classics (ALL of which are amazing), Great Documentaries, Oscar Winners, and entries from Criterion’s Eclipse series of lesser-known films from well-known directors. This is a great resource for checking out some classic film for either free or cheap, and I’m for sure going to be trying to remember to keep an eye on it in the future.

I’m not sure the georestrictions on the festival – other videos on the Auteurs site have varying georestrictions, so maybe one of our Canadian writers could check it out and find out if these are available internationally.

The Criterion Collection / Auteurs Festival

Bookmarks for May 27th through June 8th


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