Cinecast Episode 248 – Frog Dog

A lengthy show today as Kurt and Andrew spend far too much time talking Oscar, not so much who won what, but the details of the TV Broadcast, the nature of award shows and the aging of Billy Crystal. We grade homework assignments, and it is pretty “A”s all around as the listener-ship turns in some fine examples of ‘adult animation.’ Kurt talks about the major face-lift of Toronto’s venerable Bloor Cinema. Gamble pops in to discuss the much lauded Indonesian action film, The Raid. He also offers a mostly positive review of John Carter of Mars, which leads to all sorts of tangents, particularly on the woeful marketing that Disney has done for the film as well as the films long and storied production history. The Watchlist sees everything from extended onscreen equine-death and flying dog-dragons to poliziotteschi to headhunting natives to Korean exercises in style to Jodie Foster busting heads to an Algerian ‘best-teacher-ever’ Oscar nominee to Cate Blanchett modelling period costumes in the boddice-ripping period epic, The Golden Age. Either fast-forward or stay all the way to the end whereupon Gamble lays on one of the strangest homework assignments yet. One that is predicated on the strange and unusual neighbor that is seemingly taunting Gamble with strange goings on. It’s a doozy.

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