Friday One Sheet: The Post

It is no secret, I love negative space in poster design. Here is the key art for Steven Spielberg’s Nixon Era ‘document leak’ movie, The Post, starring Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks and a slew of others. The poster offers out of the ‘boxes of all the actors’ hack style poster, and goes for the ‘large steps of an institution’ image, with a tiny Hanks & Streep (facing away from the viewer) dwarfed by those steps. In light of the crisp Helvetica typeface, I do like the included handwritten signature of a release date, particularly because it seems that the story of the film is to obtain that signature to publish the secret government documents.

I have tucked the trailer below the fold to give you an idea of the kind of Oscar-bait America-Feel-Good exercise that the film might be. Cynicism aside, it feels clearly motivated by something like previous Oscar-winner Spotlight (And in the rich history of movies about newspapers, Zodiac and All The President’s Men) and that is pretty fine. It also feels a bit like a spiritual sequel to Bridge of Spies, one of Spielberg’s more underrated recent films.

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Kids Talk Film #19: Jaws

After bugging/begging me for some time to watch Jaws, and the long-time-coming upgrade of our home theatre equipment to 1080p/Blu, we desided to christen the re-opening with a trip to Amity Island and a boat ride on the Orca with Team Spielberg. Afterwards, in sunny suburbia, my son and I have a chat about the ins, outs and whathaveyous of the movie, the diets of Great White Sharks, the hubris of grizzled sea captains and the reliability of municipal politicians. *Note Spoilers* within the below video if a 40 year old film can be spoiled at this point.

This is a part of an ongoing series of short film discussion videos in which I take the kids to see stuff without the Pixar/Disney label attached. Enjoy.

Further Episodes (as well as the Studio Ghibli Marathon done for can be found at the Kids Talk Film Vimeo Channel.

Cinecast Episode 281 – Bromancing the Stone

Welcome to the next evolution of the Row Three Cinecast; and it is good. We call this little something, “video”. That’s right, this week Andrew and Kurt decided to try a little experiment and go face to face, using the higher bandwidth and Google technology that the 21st century has afforded us and actually video chat live for listeners viewers to see in all of its potential folly. You can see the embedded video of the entire show below or head over to the Tubes of You and watch a much larger (and potentially scarier) version of the show. Unfortunately, Spielberg did not succeed in figured out what exactly he wanted to do with his latest picture, Lincoln. We discuss what is good (even great) and how the high points are completely undermined, at length – beware of SPOILERS! After this it is on to a most difficult grading task with this weeks homework and a very short (and very positive) segment on The Watch List which includes the “in theaters now” mention of the very divisive HOLY MOTORS, a time traveling romance, the excellence that is always Frankenheimer/Mamet and a revisit of an older Coen Brothers movie that gives away a big joke in the one-sheet. So the experiment turned out most triumphantly and you can look forward to more of the video versions of the show from now on.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!

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Cinecast Episode 116 – Knowing is Half the Battle


Episode 116:
We’re back with a little Knowing this week. A lot of Knowing actually. Then it’s on to some other tidbits of goodness, DVDs and Spike Jonze.

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