Quick Thoughts: “The Bling Ring”

The Bling Ring went wide in North America this past weekend. Excitement for the new Sofia Coppola film was running high and obvious pre-show comparisons to Korine’s Spring Breakers abound. My quick thoughts on The Bling Ring are below.

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Stupid kids doing stupid things to even stupider people. Over and over and over and over. Then they go to jail. Not one person (not one) in this movie shows any sort of intelligence or anything worth watching.

Not acted particularly well. Not written very well. And with a few exceptions (that Audrina robbery sequence was choice), not even shot particularly well. Even the attempts at humor with satire don’t work.

Mostly boring and repetitive. Celebrity fascination and materialism has been covered before Sofia. Many times. Much better. Try again.

However, two points for the soundtrack and Leslie Mann.

But don’t listen to me. We’re interested in what you think. How was your experiences hanging out with The Bling Ring?

Cinecast Episode 145 – Animalistic Nature

Episode 145:

Fantastic Mr. Fox opens this weeks show on a fantastic note and is followed up quickly by a fantastically epic episode. An Education gets a lengthy (fantastic) mention as well as Cormac McCarthy’s fantastic novel adaptation, The Road – which finally got a slightly wider release last week. Not such a fantastic week in the DVD department but that is more than made up for with fantastic discussions on the fantastic Noah Baumbach, Coppola Siblings, James Cameron and introducing kids to the fantastic Star Wars trilogy. Thanks so much for checking out this fantastic show and feel free to leave your thoughts (let them be fantastic!) in the comment section below. As snobby as we may sound, we love to hear discussion and/or disagreement from any of our fantastic regular or fist time listeners.

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Remembering a Decade…2003

(prologue) As we can begin to hear the death rattle of the oughts, we in the third row decided to start on this continuing series throughout 2009 that will look back at our favorite films of each of the past ten years (2000-2009). This will ultimately culminate in a “ten best/favorites of the oughts” piece sometime in early 2010.

The year 2003 seems to be the first film year of the decade in which all of the writers here at RowThree are generally on the same page. Our top three films from that year were pretty much no-brainers. After that things get choppy and we discovered that there are quite a few hidden gems from 2003 that might make the list but frankly not enough of us had seen them (Code 46, Temps de Loup, My Life without Me, etc). Animation fans might fret the fact that Triplets of Bellville didn’t quite make the cut either. But them’s the breaks.

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