Cinecast Episode 214 – I Hate that I Know That

We start things off simple. No Kurt. Just some Pirates and Priests. With unpleasantness out of the way, Kurt jumps in with both feet for a indie post-apocalyptic film out of Toronto, a re-evaluation of Inglorious Basterds and Tarantino’s career. Trains and Toni Collette keep the conversation chugging along and with Gamble here, “Game of Thrones” is sort of unavoidable. We all revel in the love for Rip Torn and South Korea before rounding everything out with a talk about sequels that are crazier than a rat in a tin shithouse (ala Caddyshack II and Gremilns II). Nobody dies.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!



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Monte Hellman Returns!

Monte MellmanAmidst the stream of news announcements of more remakes, reboots and adaptations comes news of a new film that is sure to get more than a few excited.

Monte Hellman’s directorial career has been a bit hit and miss. Though he’s helmed a few terrible films, he’s also the man behind one of the best road movies ever made and news that he’s returning after a long hiatus (nearly 20 years) is reason enough to perk up and pay attention.

Empire reports that Hellman has agreed to direct Road To Nowhere. The project, written by Variety’s Executive Editor Steven Gaydos, is being described as “a romantic thriller about a filmmaker who becomes enmeshed in a criminal conspiracy.”

Cliff De Young, John Diehl, Waylon Payne and Tygh Runyan had been previously cast in the film but beyond Hellman’s involvement, it’s the addition of Shannyn Sossamon and Dominique Swain that have me excited. Swain isn’t someone I’m familiar with but Sossamon has disappeared from the limelight over the last few years and though she turns up here and there (including television where she recently had a juicy recurring role in the too-soon-cancelled “Moonlight”), she has yet to break into the mainstream.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what comes of this project. Hopefully this will mark Hellman’s return while also brining attention to Sossamon who deserves better than small roles in forgettable films.