Cinecast Episode 420 – Nightmare Fuel

It ain’t quite April 20th, but it’s four-twenty in the Cinecast house. Christmas Terror and misogynous Teddy bears bookend this episode with some stoner comedy and Shakespeare and Stop Motion in between. If your hosts seem to ramble and get lost in the weeds once in a while, that is apropos the episode number! Also, Rest In Peace Robert Loggia. Onwards!

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Trailer: A Million Ways To Die In the West

How Seth McFarlane got Liam Neeson, Charlize Theron and Amanda Seyfried to star in this is beyond my ken. But here it is, nonethless: A cheeky, silly, gory and frankly two-bit parody of ‘The American Frontier’ that looks to be planned out on the back of a cocktail napkin. Blazing Saddles this aint. If McFarlane is going for the inanity and diminishing returns of the Wayan Brothers’ ‘xxxx-Movie’ franchise, all that is proven here is that Keenon Ivory and Marlon are better actors than he. I’ll give it this though, the posters are pun fun though.

Your mileage may vary.

Dueling Oscar News

1) As if the Oscars weren’t already meaningless enough, Oscar voters will now no longer have to actually watch movies in certain categories before voting. Now I actually thought that this is the way it whas been for years but apparently just yesterday The Academy announced it would now be sending Oscar Voters DVDs for the following categories: Foreign Language Film, Documentary Feature, Documentary Short Subject, Animated Short Film and Live Action Short Film.

So voters are no longer required to see the movies on the large screen and can now just ignore them from the comforot of their own home as the screening sit idly on a coffee table or kitchen counter before putting a check mark on their ballots. Perhaps I’m being cynical?


2) To the chagrin of many and the joy of many more, Seth McFarlane has reportedly been offered the Oscar hosting gig for 2014. Both The Academy and Seth’s people have remained silent on the issue, but this is the rumored news. Not to get into yet another debate about who an ideal Oscar host would be, but there you have it. Discuss.

Cinecast Episode 295 – I Wouldn’t Wear That. Even in the Future!

This week sees a return to form with all sorts of negativity and disagreement. But [in best DeForest Kelley voice] for God sake man, it’s Anne Hathaway. She’s worth fighting for! Outside of that little tussle, Sean Kelly from joins in on the discussion with a bit more of a unique Oscar experience having seen the whole thing in a packed theater. For the majority of this Cinecast it is a look back at Sunday nights Hollywood back-patting at the Academy Awards. We talk about it all: from winners to losers to hosting to gowns (OK, not really) to stage direction to orchestration. Look no further; it’s all in here. From there we venture into the Watch List with Kurt proving Matt Gamble’s prognostication mostly correct with a viewing of Margaret. We grind the axe a bit more (though less enthusiastically) about modern biblical epics while Sean looks at a couple of Oscar-nominated documentaries and Andrew continues his Star Treking.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!

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New Bites. Adele’s 007 Theme. Oscar Host selected. Keep on Trollin’.

A couple of news tidbits for your discussion.

Adele’s Theme Song for 007 Adventure, Skyfall leaked online and it is the best Bond Theme since Tina Turner’s Golden Eye tune, at least at first blush.

Also, AMPAS has selected “Family Guy” creator, and very solid crooner, Seth MacFarlane who earned some serious greenbacks for Universal Studios with TED. Expect a Billy Crystal musical number to open this years Oscars. Expect Neil Patrick Harris to be crying in the cheap seats.

And in the Trolling Department(tm), Armond White says that Kingdom of The Crystal Skull (Indy IV) is a much better constructed film than Raiders of the Lost Ark, rhythmically and intellectually.