Friday One Sheet: Colour Chart [Lady Bird]

Making subtle use of the classic photo colour chart as a border/trim, the new poster for the directorial debut of Greta Gerwig (which was a huge hit at this years TIFF) goes for photographic intensity of its lead actress, Saoirse Ronan, sans freckles. For those who noticed the christian cross and ‘monastery font’ of the original poster, you can see these themes you can see they remain here, although the emphasis is strictly on ‘portrait photography.’ Typically this is the domain of the South Koreans when designing posters, but I like it when it gets adopted on this side of the pond.

Violet & Daisy Finally Gets a Trailer

Saoirse Ronin and Alexis Bledel are teenage assassins who often pull jobs dressed as nuns. They find that their latest job is not quite what they expected when the come up against James Gandolfini. The Mamo! Matts loved it, Cinecast’s Kurt loathed it. Side with whom you like, but this little genre sugarplum hit the screens of TIFF in 2011 and has languished on the shelf for a couple years, getting a release to U.S. theaters this summer.

“…a banana peel we can all feel good about slipping on.”
Matt Price

“A textbook case in how to go from excited to flaccid in under 10 minutes – with another sluggish 85 minutes to follow.”
Kurt Halfyard