Public Enemies Trailer Redux

I‘ll be the first to admit that when Jonathan posted the first full length trailer for Michael Mann’s Public Enemies, I wasn’t all that impressed. Something about the trailer didn’t work for me. But then I saw it on the big screen and something changed. Not only did it look amazing but the music added a great heartbeat that pushes the trailer along and once I’d see it, I couldn’t get it out of my head for hours. And it’s not just the music that I can’t let go of but also the images.

The boys at Rope of Silicon have a second trailer for the film which features a lot of the same footage cut a little differently. It’s doesn’t have as much punch as the first trailer but the opening sequence is gorgeous even in this little version. It’s a trailer designed to target the dramatic film fans whereas the first was all about the energy.

Seriously though, we don’t need any more sales pitches; we’re already sold. Public Enemies opens on July 1st.

Bone Deep Adds Cast

Hayden ChristensenHow does a production company fuck up a project before it even gets off the ground? Simple. You cast two of the most dry, boring and barely skilled actors in the business.

Screen Gems is currently casting a crime thriller titled Bone Deep about a group of criminals whose $20 million heist goes sideways when a hard-boiled detective starts poking around. Directed by John Luessenhop, the film already has Matt Dillon in the role of the detective and now there are reports that Paul Walker and Hayden Christensen have also been cast in the film. Can you say bomb?

Are the folks at the production company that out of touch that they don’t realize the whole they’re digging themselves into? Christensen is a pretty boy with little talent and his good looks are only going to take him so far – especially when you consider he keeps taking roles that don’t necessarily appeal to his tween fangirl demographic – and Paul Walker…well, he’s had it rough. Fast and Furious looks like it’ll be fun but of everything I’ve seen him in outside of the car-love franchise, the only one in which he displays any talent is the surprisingly good Running Scared and even there he’s stretching himself pretty thin.

It matters little, the project doesn’t sound particularly appealing to me, but I find it oddly funny that a company would shoot themselves in the foot quite this badly. Casting either of these guys would be a mistake but casting them both in the same film is critical (and probably box office) suicide.