Rob Zombie’s “Lords of Salem” Trailer

Before Rob Zombie went off to do John Carpenter remakes, he made his movie name by releasing films that transcended the horror genre by being totally, vampire batshit insane. I’m talking most specifically about House of 1000 Corpses, but also to some extent The Devil’s Rejects. It looks like Zombie might be heading back into that dusty corner with his next picture, Lords of Salem.

He doesn’t seem to be deviating much in the casting department by once again casting his wife, Sheri Moon Zombie – though I believe this is her first lead performance in any of his films. That said, for old school horror fans and more pulpy stuff of the past 30-40 years (of which I really am not and therefore do not claim to know much), there do seem to be some interesting names (mostly women) floating past my eyes as I scroll through the IMDb casting chart: Dee Wallace, Meg Foster, Patricia Quinn, Ken Foree, Lisa Marie and Maria Conchita Alonso.

Possibly of more interest than those names, are some of the names in the “scenes deleted” section, which include Clint Howard and Udo Kier. Really? He deleted the Udo Kier scene(s)?

At any rate, here’s a look at the newest trailer for the film. I gotta say I’m generally not too interested in whatever the newest “scary movie” in theaters is, but Zombie’s particular style of the macabre intrigues and creeps me. So I’m genuinely looking forward to checking this one out. Not sure if or when a theatrical release will be forthcoming (at least probably not a wide release), but a VOD campaign is very likely through Magnet or Anchor Bay.


Mamo’s #TIFF12 Coverage, Part Three: You Are Where?

Special guest star Justin Souther joins us on Day 7 of the Toronto International Film Festival 2012! Our coverage of the festival continues with conversation about Looper, Lords of Salem, At Any Price, Berberian Sound Studio, Yellow, Imogene, Seven Psychopaths, Thale, In the House, Mushrooming, and The Master. You can find Justin’s podcast, Elitist Bastards Go To The Movies, right here.

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Rob Zombie Can Get Your Carpet Clean

I‘ve been staring at a blank screen for the past five minutes and hardly any puns or witty comments spring to mind. The ones that do are painfully obvious. So I’ll just lay it out on the line. Rob Zombie is now doing Woolite commercials. Sounds like a bit of a stretch right? Zombie directing some blonde housewife as she shakes her head with a knowing smile while her 8 year old son runs through the living room with muddy shoes chasing a cocker spaniel. She’s got it covered with Woolite right? Well, not exactly.

Despite what some may deem “selling out,” this is still Rob Zombie we’re talking about here. I’m sure this is something that will be the talk of the town over the weekend. To me, Woolite seems to be taking a bit of a risk with this one and I’ll be surprised if this ad shows up during a break from “The Price is Right” or “General Hospital.” But we shall see. Thankfully, you won’t have to sit through daytime television to see the commercial. The Tubes of You have us covered.

Check it out… the commercial is tucked under the seat.

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Review: Super

[In light of its limited (and VOD?) release this weekend, I happily re-run my review of James Gunn’s scuzzier and funnier version of Kick Ass. Worth a trip for good supporting roles by Ellen Page and Kevin Bacon and James Gunn’s amusing sense of humour]


Do not let the sprightly pencil crayon song-and-dance credit sequence fool you, James Gunn’s latest film, a send-up of amateur vigilantes called Super, wants to give you some awkward, messy violence for your entertainment dollar. The drama is mostly of the sad-sack variety, the laughs are mostly of the gallows kind, and while the film seems a bit late to the party (despite being written years ago) it will satisfy the culty niche that considers Watchmen was too glossy and Kick-Ass too mainstream. The line between superheroes and sociopaths has for some time been a blurry one, but Super takes great pleasure in kicking the line completely out of existence.
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Cinecast Episode 137 – Wall to Wall Pubic Hair

Episode 137:
Jumping in to give us the female perspective about the latest batch of horror films is short film maker and writer for Killer Film, Miss Serena Whitney. We also get a TIFF-preview with Lars Von Trier’s latest, Antichrist. Strange things are afoot at The Bloor Cinema in Toronto when Udo Kier comes to town. Plus a bitch session about 3D technology, short reviews of Paul Giamatti in Cold Souls and Emille Hirsch in Taking Woodstock.

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MSPIFF Review: Surveillance

Surveillance poster

Director: Jennifer Lynch (Boxing Helena)
Writers: Kent Harper, Jennifer Chambers Lynch
Producers: Kent Harper, Marco Mehlitz, David Michaels
Starring: Julia Ormond, Bill Pullman, Pell James, Ryan Simpkins French Stewart, Ken Harper
MPAA Rating: R
Running time: 97

Not your daddy’s cinema. Sure there’s definitely a trace of fatherly influence here, but this is far more of a Rob Zombie tribute than David Lynch. This is hard exploitation at its finest. Unlike Zombie however (specifically The Devil’s Rejects), this movie doesn’t seem to be here just for the sake of violence and victimization; there are some technical mechanics at work here that really delivered… at least for me. Not to say there aren’t some glaring weaknesses, but for the most part it’s fair to say I was on board with this movie from the get-go.

The first two minutes: a quite brutal murder sequence involving two masked figures (one sort of resemblind Michael Myers) bludgeoning and running down a seemingly innocent couple. Lynch left very little to the imagination here as blood splatters across the opening credits. We then cut to Pullman and Ormond; two FBI agents pulling into a rural police station to set up questioning of three witnesses to a crime. Each witness has a different perspective of what happened and each witness has something to hide. Lynch shows us what really happened in flashbacks mode while simultaneously we hear the witnesses tell their own version of what happened in a series of half-truths and distortions.
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Poster Round-up

Two films of which I am quite looking forward to. But three pretty damn cool posters. Guess which film I don’t much care about. Click any of the images for a higher-res version…

all sorts of ass-kickery going on here:
Tyrannosaurus Rex

Might be kind of cool, but I smell Transformers all over again:
GI Joe

Big fan of Gilliam’s piece and like the writings of the good doctor. If nothing else, should be interesting. Like the standard artwork for Dr. Thompson of Ralph Steadman:

Shout out to Inside Film for the key-in!

Cinecast Episode 88 – Strangers and Old Friends


This Episode:
Serena Whitney from adds some life to the show and chimes in on The Strangers review (that does get a bit SPOILERIFIC). Also a brief discussion on where the horror genre is and where it’s going. And like a good girl, Serena gives her thoughts on Sex and the City. Also some DVD choices and other nuggets…

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