Cinecast Episode 437 – It’ll Play Well in Europe

From nothing to see to too much to see. Such is the first world life in the third row. Luckily there is VOD and Kurt and Andrew can at least confer on the latest hype amongst the internet’s genre-film fanboys, The Invitation. From there, Andrew is suckered into the critical acclaim of the latest Jon Favreau joint, The Jungle Book and it really wouldn’t be a classic Cinecast without some tongue-bathing of Kevin Costner – yeah, he’s in a movie this weekend; you probably haven’t heard. Matt Gamble has all but vanished but we still managed to get into some movie experiences both theatrically and on the home screen worth mentioning. More Richard Gere is in store, Kurt heads back to the Y2K scare with Ralph Fiennes in sexy wardrobe and Angela Bassett in tight braids. Plus rep cinema VVitchy goodness in Toronto with 1983 occult gem Eyes of Fire.

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Cinecast Episode 382 – Warm and Foreign


The one in which Kurt doesn’t realize he’s the winner of a (much controversial) bet. In exchange, buys Andrew a present for his sunken heart after The Oscar results. We dive headlong into The Academy Awards with all its ins and outs and what-have-yous with Neil Patrick Harris and the face touching and the boring music and the severe lack of montages and the… hey hey hey don’t hurt me. We do recognize Julianne Moore as a favorite however, and we praise her Oscar win with a heartfelt review of the quite good, Still Alice. The Watch List rattles on with pro wrestling, Cronenberg, submarine movies are always awesome and… Aeon Flux? Yeah.

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Trailer: Arbitrage

Today is the day for trailers from recent Sundance entries featuring Susan Sarandon. Arbitrage is a crime thriller that mixes infidelity, family loyalty and corporate shenanigans with good old fashioned 1970s style storytelling. Richard Gere stars as a financial power broker who betrays the trust of his family (Brit Marling, Susan Sarandon) for the purposes of not corrupting the sale of a major corporate asset when he and his mistress suffer a major car accident. Whew! Cover-up Time! Tim Roth, who is sorely missed from film endeavors due to the actor favouring steady TV work for the past five years, looks top-notch as a cop on the scent of a big case. The production looks handsome, albeit a tad over-dramatic (more Wall Street than Michael Clayton) and it certainly has my attention come September when Arbitrage is getting a simultaneous theatre and VOD release.

Top 10 Corrupt Movie Cops

Apparently our friends over in the criminal justice department are also big movie dorks as well. And what kind of movie would they like the best? The kind with corrupt officials of course! So I stumbled upon this list the other day about movie cops gone bad. Seems like an easy topic to list off, but there were several on here I almost forgot about. There are probably hundreds more, but here are ten good ones. Beware that there may be some *SPOILERS* in the text that follows. And I need to rewatch L.A. Confidential someday soon.


10. Dudley Smith, L.A. Confidential
You may want to think of James Cromwell as the sweet farmer who gave a pig a chance in Babe, but he shows another side of himself in L.A. Confidential. He basically controls the organized crime in L.A., blackmails city officials to get his way, and murders (or has someone else murder) everyone that gets in the way of his quest for drugs and power. It’s hard to even keep track of all the people he kills during the movie and before it even starts. This may have just been the unedited Babe sequel, Babe: Pig in the City.



9. Norman Stansfield, Leon the Professional
If you haven’t seen this film, you should if only to see a bad-ass 12-year-old Natalie Portman. She plays Mathilda, a girl whose whole family has been murdered by corrupt DEA agents headed up by Norman “Stan” Stansfield. Mathilda’s father had been keeping cocaine for the agents, but they found out he’d been keeping some for himself, and Stansfield, who’s addicted to drugs himself, decided to take out the whole family. Mathilda was out shopping when the murders happened, so now Stansfield wants to find her and kill her. She’s not totally helpless since she finds a father figure in the hitman down the hall, but it’s still not very nice of this officer to be trying to gun down a little girl.

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Cinecast Episode 189 – Just a Symptom of 1986

It is again that wonky time of year where studios favour the platform release, getting in the way of folks from Toronto and Minneapolis having a friendly movie chat about the same darn movies. Instead, we must be content with Multiplex Matt Gamble and the mainstream mega-release. Here he gives some thoughts on Todd Phillips’ newest, Due Date and tries to break down some pre-conceived notions. There is also some talk of the Asian Film Festival. Kurt gives a snippet of reaction to Danny Boyle’s follow-up to his Oscar win, 127 Hours. It is likely that the boys will revisit this one at some point for a consensus discussion, but as a nice double bill with the other ‘trapped between a rock and a hard place’ movie Buried there is a fair bit of stuff to chew on. Meanwhile Andrew finds solace in the comfort of his Blu-ray player… sometimes twice a day. Peter Weir is revisited in a lengthy discussion on The Mosquito Coast and also some Picnic at Hanging Rock, Master & Commander, The Truman Show and of course, the upcoming The Way Back. DVD picks and Japanese pornography are also on the bill.

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Amelia Gets a Trailer

It was well over a year ago we talked about the Amelia Earhart biopic finally hiring a director in The Namesake’s Mira Nair. Hilary Swank has been on board, so to speak, for well over two years now and after the announcement of the director I have to admit that I sort of forgot all about this project. Until today.

Apparently post is complete and the film is slated to be released on October 23rd this year. Which means it will be in contention with several other big “Oscar bait” types of movies that strain the capacity of theaters that time of year. With a cast that includes Richard Gere, Virginia Madsen, Jon Anderson and Ewan McGregor, I guess I’m not surprised. Well, that and this thing looks really nice.

Several sites today were pretty giddy about the look of the new trailer. And I gotta say, putting my crush on Swank bias aside, I’m inclined to agree on the excitement. It may be just a standard biopic, but it also may be something kind of exciting to boot. Check out the trailer in HD below…