Rank ‘Em: Brad Pitt Films

With World War Z hitting the headlines as of late (not least because of controversial book-to-film changes being made to the overall structure), Terrence Malick’s magnificent The Tree of Life providing one of this year’s highlights and Moneyball recently premiering at TIFF, I thought it would be an apt time to highlight the films of acting megastar Brad Pitt.

Pitt has made a lot of films in his 20+ years in the business and I was surprised to actually look back and see that most of them have been at least good and some, I think you’ll agree, have been fantastic. He is a surprisingly consistent actor as far as choice of good films goes.

Below is my ranking of all of the Pitt films I’ve seen (the list will go by the quality of the film not by his performance). I must point out that I haven’t seen absolutely everything the man has done, with the likes of Meet Joe Black, Troy and Legends of the Fall being notable omissions (any others not on the list means I also haven’t seen them). Also, I’ve decided not to include voice works so the likes of Megamind and Sinbad won’t be listed.

Here goes, my ranking of Brad Pitt’s filmography (possible spoilers within):

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