Bookmarks for June 30th through July 2nd


What we’ve been reading – June 30th through July 2nd:

  • A Trend with Teeth
    Why the heck are there so many damned Vampire films/TV/books in the popular culture these days? T
  • ‘Conquest of the Useless’ by Werner Herzog
    "Conquest of the Useless: Reflections From the Making of 'Fitzcarraldo' " comprises Herzog's diaries from the three arduous years he worked on that movie, which earned him a best director award at Cannes in 1982 yet nearly derailed his career. It reveals him to be witty, compassionate, microscopically observant and — your call — either maniacally determined or admirably persevering.
  • Why "Ghostbusters 3′′ Bucks the Bad Movie to Game Trend
    Cast the original voice actors, get the original writers. Duh!