Cinecast Episode 214 – I Hate that I Know That

We start things off simple. No Kurt. Just some Pirates and Priests. With unpleasantness out of the way, Kurt jumps in with both feet for a indie post-apocalyptic film out of Toronto, a re-evaluation of Inglorious Basterds and Tarantino’s career. Trains and Toni Collette keep the conversation chugging along and with Gamble here, “Game of Thrones” is sort of unavoidable. We all revel in the love for Rip Torn and South Korea before rounding everything out with a talk about sequels that are crazier than a rat in a tin shithouse (ala Caddyshack II and Gremilns II). Nobody dies.

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Pirates Whatever Whatever… Oh! Penelope Cruz

I hate the Pirates franchise. The third one was the last straw. Not a chance in hell I’d go back and see a fourth installment. Then something odd happened on this terribly dreary, cold, depressing and crabby afternoon in Minneapolis to interest and cheer me up: the trailer for On Stranger Tides shows up. Yeah, it’s weird I feel this way and the movie will likely be terrible. But here’s a list of reasons why I’m slightly “funned up” and would consider screen hopping into this one:

1) Penélope Cruz
2) No Orloondo Bland
3) Ian McShane
4) Zombies
5) Mermaids
6) New storyline
7) Penélope Cruz



Trailer for Animated Tales of the Black Freighter

Tales of the Black FreighterThe Watchmen (our review) discussion is still in full swing and it seems like it will go on for at least a few more weeks (at least until the release of the next big summer film), fuelled if not by the movie itself, by added material from the “Watchmen” universe.

There have already been grumblings of a director’s cut of the film possibly getting a theatrical release but you don’t have to wait until July to get another fix. The novel’s incredible span is adequately covered by the film but a large part of material had to be left out completely while other bits didn’t make it past the cutting room floor but one of the most notable omissions is the comic-within-a-comic “Tales of the Black Freighter” that is peppered throughout the larger work and which parallels and punctuates some of the works major themes.

Not sure how this story could be well integrated into the film and now it doesn’t look like we’ll ever have to find out because rather than add it to the film, Snyder managed to convince the studio to give him funding for an animated adaptation of the pirate tale. The approximately 30 minute short film Tales of the Black Freighter, voiced by Gerard Butler, is scheduled for DVD release on March 24th but because you can’t sell a DVD on a 25 minute short, they’ve also produced Under the Hood, a live action and CG adaptation of Hollis Mason’s “Under the Hood” which outlines how the “hooded avengers” first came to be.

These extras are what I’d expect to see in a super shiny special edition release of the film but I can’t begrudge the production companies trying to make a little extra cash. Oh wait, yes I can! Shame on you I’m not buying it! That said, it looks like it could be a good watch.

Trailer is trucked under the seat!

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