Cinecast Episode 427 – Stretching the Bubblegum

Was it the weather or is it the shitty inconvenient way films are released in theaters these days? Or does it depend on your geography or disposition? Or a little bit of everything? In short, we didn’t get to the “main releases” (of boats in storms or feminist westerns) this week and instead opted for some VOD experimentation with Vincent Cassell in Partisan. A solid film with problems is the verdict. The Watch List is fairly eclectic this week but a whole lotta witchin’ going on. From Winona Ryder to Vin Diesel, we cover the gamut. Andrew and Kurt also spend some time in the kitchen cooking up some spaghetti westerns before heading to Southeast Asia for a thriller and some kung-fu. Like a snake in the eagle’s shadow, there is no escape for the good the bad or the ugly; there most certainly will be blood inside Llewyn Davis.


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Penelope Cruz, She’s So Hot Right Now: 2oolander Trailer

Let’s be honest, there isn’t much in here that is worthy of huge laughs and I would guess a lot of people are disappointed in this trailer for one of the better comedies of the previous decade. But the truth is, Derek, that the trailer for the first movie didn’t look very good either; sort of cheap, safe humor that would appeal to only the simpletons among us (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Then the genius of the comedy nuance mixed with the obvious really struck a chord with people and it’s now beloved enough that a sequel is getting released.

It might turn out to be a boring, lazy, cash grab, but with Ferrell returning in tip-top physical condition and the new faces of The Cumberbatch, Penélope Cruz (I trust her) and Kristen Wiig, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is actually a runaway critical success. So what I’m saying is, I guess you can derelicte my ballz el capitán.


Trailer: Inherent Vice


This is way more comically broad that I expected it to be, but the trailer for P.T. Anderson’s 1960s set ‘beach-noir’ is zany and across the board hilarious. I’m going to call it here, this is Anderson’s The Big Lebowski, if this is any indication.

Owen Wilson, Benicio Del Toro, Josh Brolin, Reese Witherspoon and Eric Roberts are delivering the goods with no apparent safety net.

Have at it.

Review: Midnight In Paris


*Mild Spoilers*

At the beginning of Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Sheltering Sky, John Malkovich, Debra Winger and Campbell Scott have a fascinating conversation about the nuance between being a tourist and being a traveler. The working definition given to us is that a tourist is thinking about going home the minute they arrive, where as the traveler might never return home. Owen Wilson in Midnight In Paris, is the traveler of the film, albeit he wants not only to stay in Paris, but in the 1920s era of the European city (the film is set in 2011), when American writers careened from cocktail party to wine-bar as fuel for their own creative (and lusty) output. His fiance is most definitely the tourist, berating her husband-to-be’s notion of romanticizing the city, and wanting to go back to their consumerist lifestyle back in Malibu. The director, Woody Allen is caught somewhere in the middle. He has the eye of a tourist, in terms of the opening montage that goes perhaps a scene or two too long offering glimpses of cafes and fountains and the Eiffel Tower, but then shifts into a rumination on the nature and dangers of nostalgia that offers an interesting take on his own lengthy career. When you have made 45 or so films spanning 5 decades, I am certainly inclined to listen to what you have to say. But by the halfway mark, I believe Allen has said what he will, and is most inclined to stay in safe, crowd-pleasing kitsch territory that panders to the filmmakers base as much as it exhausts his argument and artistry. I pine for honest surprise of Allen’s breaking of the fourth wall by (literally) dragging Marshall McLuhan into the frame, rather than his facile two dimensional artist cameos on display here. But I am getting ahead of myself.

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Cinecast Episode 216 – Be Excellent to Each Other

There is fair bit of meat on the bones of the multiplex this week and Kurt, Andrew along with a sneezy and congested Matt Gamble tackle Terrence Malick, Woody Allen and the current state of the X-Men franchise. Everyone seems to have a different stance on these films, and the discussion is pretty lively. Beware of spoilers but stick around for some important tidbits and caveats regarding Midnight in Paris. The segment re-naming contest continues another week, free DVDs for everyone, Yummy! In the meantime, we do go through 3 or so What We watched each (Drew does Zack Snyder, Kurt does Terrence Malick, Gamble does a couple of upcoming feature films (and warns us off of both of ’em) as well as more HBO. Gamble takes off but Kurt and Drew soldier onward past the three hour mark along to DVD picks, Netflix Instant arrivals and departures. Plus, all the free trimmings you are accustomed to from the this third row podcast: Do you want to find out answer to life, the universe and everything? Is it true that if Bill and Ted had a Ménage à trois with Audrey Tautou, you could get a perfect film? These pressing issues and more in this weeks show. Cheers.

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From our Netflix Queue

With the growing popularity of Netflix instant streaming in the U.S. and its most recent arrival into Canada, we at Row Three would like to highlight some of the great choices available at the press of a button.



Annie (John Huston)

One of the very first films I remember my parents taking me too. And wow does it still hold up! Great song and dance numbers, anti-communism subtexts, the political divide, the great depression, cute kids, a stellar Broadway cast and the 7-UP guy using the force. If Burnett and Finney weren’t nominated for an Oscar that year, they damn well should’ve! Sheer brilliance. Family films just aren’t made this way anymore perhaps most certified by an extended sequence with the joy of going to the movies. It’s exciting, funny and if nothing else the thirties had style. Relive this near masterpiece now while it’s available at the click of a button.

it! (USA)



Community – Season 1 (Dan Harmon)

Enough people had told me to watch Community that I finally caved and took a look. Within the first five minutes of the first episode I laughed so hard I had to pause for fear of missing the next joke. The show follows a motley crew of characters trying to perpetually study for Spanish class in an undignified community college. As ensembles go, this has got to be the best, with the stand-outs for me being Joe McHale as Jeff, the so-called leader of the group (who is as close to Adam Scott in acting style as you can get), Chevy Chase as Pierce, the elderly student trying desperately to seem cool, and of course, Danny Pudi as Abed, the insanely meta oddball who insists they are all in a sitcom. Meshing a lot of the great aspects of Party Down and Freaks and Geeks, Community is relentlessly funny (sometimes veering a bit too far into non-sequitur comedy for my taste but usually tempered with a meta-understanding that apparently builds upon the Abed character in future episodes). As someone who has attended community college I see a lot of truth in this otherwise go-for-broke oneupmanship of half-hour sitcom comedies. I have only seen the first 15 episodes so far, but of these, the consistency of quality remains incredibly high. Try the first episode, this is quality straight out of the gate.

it! (CANADA)

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Cars 2 Trailer… Sigh

As much of a fan I am of Pixar’s original Cars film (yes, yes, I am in the minority. Everybody hates Cars, blah blah blah), I’ll be the first to admit I have no desire for a sequel or “the further adventures of…” Pixar animation seems to excel at putting together new and original content at every outing. Outside of the Toy Story trilogy they haven’t done a sequel up to this point and frankly I’m not impressed with what I’ve seen so far. And little chirpy birds are also talking about a sequel to my favorite of the Pixar filmery: Monsters, Inc. Ouch.

So off on some super secret spy mission, Mater and Lightning McQueen head to Europe for some shenanigans of cloak and daggery proportions. This sincerely looks like a half effort of straight-to-DVD quality. God, even the opening narration (“from the creators of Wall-e, Up!….” Ugh!). At the same time, people have been saying that for a long time about many a Pixar film just based on the trailers and then are wow’d by what they see on screen.

So while I remain optimistic, I can’t help but not be excited in the least for this next outing. Cars 2 is released in fucking 3D on June 24, 2011. Watch the trailer after the jump: Could this be the first Pixar animation to not be universally hailed? Is this a symptom of the Disney “churn out as many projects as possible” virus? Or am I completely off my rocker and just by the Michael Caine and Helen Mirren factor we’ll all be amused? I doubt it…


Remembering a Decade…2001

(prologue) As we can begin to hear the death rattle of the oughts, we in the third row decided to start on this continuing series throughout 2009 that will look back at our favorite films of each of the past ten years (2000-2009). This will ultimately culminate in a “ten best/favorites of the oughts” piece sometime in early 2010.

As you may have noticed, we’ve changed the title of this series to simply the year; no “best of” anymore since as one reader pointed out, proclaiming one film better than another is preposterous. These are simply a consensus of our favorite films from the given year. See our top five for 2001 below underneath the seats…


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