Cinecast Episode 415 – Get on with the Task

We’ve got a lot to get to this week! Almost too much. First up is Danny Boyle’s version of Steve Jobs. Despite not seeing any other iterations of his story, I think it’s safe to say we’d call this the best one. It’s been/will be a banner year for westerns in 2015 and though there are some minor quibbles with Bone Tomahawk, Andrew and Kurt mostly had fun hanging out with it – one of us more than the other. For October scares, we take a trip into the snowy Haunted House of Ted Geoghegan’s We Are Still Here. Then it is off to Africa (or is it Netflix?) with Cary Fukunaga, where Idris Alba stars in the gorgeous but brutal Beasts of No Nation. For the Watchlist, Andrew does Flyway and Kurt talks David Mamet and Oliver Stone. Whew!

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“You didn’t think I was rolling out of here naked, did you?” Trailer for Milius Documentary

Iconoclastic filmmaker, writer, gun-owner John Milius, is the man who is responsible in part for the Dirty Harry Franchise, Apocalypse Now, 1941, Conan The Barbarian, Red Dawn and HBO’s Rome; who was rumoured to have pulled a piece on a film executive and is the direct inspiration for the Coen Brother’s Walter Sobchak character (“MARK IT ZERO!”) Making its debut at the SXSW festival this week is the documentary that is comprised of stories from just about every major Hollywood director from the 70s and 80s as well as clips and photos. And Sam Elliot and his glorious mustache spouting something worthy of a Milius-ism: “He didn’t write for pussies. And he didn’t write for women.” That just about sums it up!

Cinecast Episode 265 – Trash is Good

For you kids that aren’t into the whole brevity thing and love the normal Cinecast conversations that are lengthy enough to get you through a train ride halfway across Europe, you’re out of luck this week. Being that we’re knee-deep in Shinsedai Film Festival content and pre-production on a week long Christopher Nolan retrospective, we gotta keep things short. So it’s basically a shouting match about Oliver Stone’s newest film, Savages and then it’s adios. Come back next week and we should have a bit more content.

Please excuse the microphone malfunction (42:44) – the transition might seem a little jarring. Our apologies.

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Oliver Stone’s “Savages”

The title is uninspired and the story looks sort of like a ripoff of Demme’s Blow. Except that by the end of the trailer, it’s doesn’t look bad it all. It looks like an orgy of awesome. Nice to see Taylor Kitsch not going the Paul Walker route and doing something that on the surface looks pretty glossy, actually appeals to the Tony Scott side of my heart and probably has some fairly gritty bits to be left in your teeth after chewing on this one.

So yeah, I’m sort of enchanted by the mix of high caliber actors of the aughties (Del Toro, Hayek, Thurman, Travolta) mixed in with the new generation of up and comers from this decade (Lively, Kitsch, Bichir). And wait wait wait… is that… is that Emile Hirsch? From Speed Racer? Bad ass.

Yeah I’m more or less and Oliver Stone fan and this trailer for Savages does nothing but make me want to run to the theater, get a big ol’ box a popcorn, a huge icy soda, do a quick line of coke off the toilet seat and have a ball for 120 minutes. Check it out…


Cinecast Episode 184 – Death Lottery

The 4 hour barrier is broken as The Documentary Blog’s Jay Cheel joins Kurt and Andrew on the longest Cinecast ever – you know it is even longer than the previous epic length TIFF show. What do we talk about? For starters, Kurt & Jay examine the Let The Right One In remake, Let Me In (*SPOILERS*), in painstaking detail, and how not to process American remakes of foreign language films. Next we move along for a solid hour on Never Let Me Go (*SPOILERS*) which keeps going on the vibe of comparing source material to eventual film adaptation and why you probably should not do that. More Carey Mulligan talk as Andrew skims and sums up Wall Street 2 with out spoilers. Then, a spoiler-free discussion on Catfish follows, although only Jay caught it, so it is more of a discussion on fake/faux-Documentaries, and ‘narrative-ethics’ which leads to more more talk on I’m Still Here, with a little Last Exorcism and The Blair Witch Project to round things out. Next we move along to the avant garde and barely-narrative Cannes Palme D’Or winner, Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, and a lot of other films we watched: An overview of the “Middletown” documentary series, a bit of Daybreakers-Redux, a bit of Season 6 of “LOST” (you guessed it, with *SPOILERS*), and more avant garde cinema with Last Year At Marienbad. We also debate the finer points of Steve Buscemi and the cast and crew of HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire.” Finally (finally!) at around the 4 hour mark, our DVD picks round out a show that carried us well into the wee hours of the night recording. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed chatting. It may be long, but it is a solid and whip-smart show this time around, although we are biased on that front.

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Wall Street 2 International Trailer


I still have trouble with Shia LaBeouf in the principle role, but I must say that with each subsequent bit of marketing, the 20 years on Wall Street sequel is looking better and better. With the Rolling Stones featuring heavily on this trailers soundtrack, it seems (just a bit) that Oliver Stone is taking a page out of the Scorsese playbook.

“I once said, greed is good. Now, it seems it is legal.”

Despite being one of the centerpieces of the first trailer, it remains a knock out line and probably should be on the poster. Michael Douglas is clearly reveling in one of his more well known rolls. When are we going to get Romancing The Stone 3?

The International trailer for “Money Never Sleeps” is tucked under the seat.

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Movie Club Podcast #14


The Movie Club returns! Sean and Jay from Filmjunk join Andrew & Kurt from Rowthree (Marina sadly was a victim of the Vancouver Transit System, and Omar was off crimefighting or some-such-superhero activity.) Episode #14 tackles two film involving serial killers and the media, first up with Oliver Stone’s 1994 arthouse-exploitation fusion Natural Born Killers, followed up by Andrew Dominick’s launching of Eric Bana as an A-List star internationally via Australia’s strangest and most public killer, Chopper.

One of our most convivial shows, don’t let the lack of disagreement amongst the converstation deter you, it allows for more time to get into the nitty gritty and the personal tangents around the films.


Comments are turned off on this post, so go over to THE MOVIE CLUB PODCAST site and listen or comment there. The upcoming Episode #15 will feature discussion on Spielberg’s A.I. and Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness. We leave it up to you to figure out the thematic connection between the two. Get watching, and vote in the poll on the sidebar for possible films in Episode #16.

Movie Club Podcast

Economy Rules Supreme: Wall Street 2 & Atwood Coming to Big Screen

Wall Street Movie StillWhat better way to revive the economy than with a couple of movies about the problem? Granted, one of these is likely to make more money than the other but I’m willing to bet that the little film will be the more poignant of the two.

In recently announced news, Oliver Stone has, after much discussion (and likely concession considering that earlier this year he dropped out of the sequel he has just agreed to) signed on to direct a sequel to the popular Wall Street. It looks like Michael Douglas will be reprising the role of all business no heart money maker Gordon Gekko while Spielberg fave Shia LaBeouf is in talks to star as a young trader. I like Stone and I don’t so much mind that he’s re-treading old ground but it’ll be interesting to see what he does with Gekko 20 years later. This is likely to be inflammatory and rub a whole lot of people the wrong way. Go Stone!

In only mildly related news, the National Film Board (NFB) has picked up the rights to Margaret Atwood’s “Payback: Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth”, a collection of essays which was originally presented at the Massey Lectures. I’ve yet to read the collection but apparently it’s a look at debt through “personal reminiscences, literary walkabout, moral preachment, timely political argument, economic history”. We are talking about the NFB here so I would not be surprised to see an innovative approach to the material.

Wonder what’s next. Maybe a Boiler Room sequel?

Oliver Stone’s W. Trailer

A little while back, Jonathan posted the first image of Josh Brolin as President Bush. It’s safe to say that that magazine cover caused as much controversy as the announcement that button pushing Oliver Stone was behind the film about the currently US president.

I’m tempted to think that this has disaster in the making written all over it. To begin with the film is about a president that isn’t only still alive, he’s still in power. To make matters worse, Stone hasn’t exactly been on a roll with his last few films. There’s a lot at stake here and frankly, this trailer doesn’t suggest that we’re in for anything more than initially expected: a collection of potshots at the current president. I have my issues with Bush but I’m not sure this is the best approach to the situation and though it could be fun to watch and I haven’t lost complete faith in Stone, this trailer doesn’t do anything for me.

W. opens on October 17th.