Teaser: I, Tonya

After making big waves at this years edition of the Toronto International Film Festival, both in terms of audience appreciation, as well as upstart distribution Neon paying $5 Million dollars for the rights, the Margot Robbie starring biopic I, Tonya gets a snappy, stylish and snarling little teaser to when the palette. Craig Gillespie (Lars and the Real Girl, Fright Night) directs and Allison Janney (shown only briefly here) also stars in the flip side of the story of Tonya Harding, the exceptionally talented figure skater that defied the image of the sport by being a whole-lot ‘trailer trash’ in terms of her presentation. If you were around in the 1990s, she became a household name in North America and the woman everyone loved to hate during the 1994 Olympics after details (and a guilty plea) came to light about her violent assault on fellow American skater Nancy Kerrigan.

Friday One Sheet: Nerve

After last weeks purples and gold glitter on The Neon Demon poster, I cannot help but continue the trend with hot pink neon. Nerve, is a film that considers the place where online social media narcissism meets money, and to communicate the computer aspect of this, the designer puts the perspective from inside the screen.

Now it can be a risky bit of marketing to not display the title of the film in a clear fashion. Some people put one of the reasons of failure for the Poseidon Adventure remake, Poseidon, based on the upside down typeface of the title. I don’t know if I subscribe in any way to this theory, because regardless of the quality of the film at hand, the poster unquestionably caught my attention and made me look a little closer. That is all a poster can ask.

Friday One Sheet: No Apologies Required

The key art for Nicholas Winding Refn’s pulpy bit of the old ultra-violence Only God Forgives continues to be excellent. Since very few posters these days use the neon shades of pink and cyan, these posters are destined to stand out at the art-house or multiplex when on display. It certainly advertises the lurid, seedy nature of the film with this colour scheme, and this one also advertises a very intense Kristin Scott Thomas. Clearly, she is absolutely owning whatever nightclub she happens to be lounging in.