Friday One Sheet: Ronin

Arrow Video recently gave a deluxe Bluray release of John Frankenheimer’s final feature, and late 1990s adult-action classic, Ronin. While they went with a rather boring de-saturated ‘stack of actors sporting guns’ design for the cover, designer ChungKong released this minimalist, warm toned poster that highlights the French locations while emphasizing the over-sized Macguffin, a large silver case used for transporting ice-skates, at the heart of the ‘late unpleasantness.’

Friday One Sheet: Sympathy For The Devil

The marketing push for Horror-Dramedy Horns has kicked into high gear with a teaser-trailer earlier this week, and two quality posters shortly thereafter. The one above is ominously minimal, but still subtly emphasizes the Oregon wilderness of the film in the cut off of the silhouette of the Devil. It might overly imply horror, but that is more than made up for with the more playful (Gideon Telegraphy, anyone?) faux newspaper key art that cleverly puts the release date and the social media hashtag in the masthead. Both are unconventional in movie advertising, and will likely turn heads if seen in your local cinema lobby.

Friday One Sheet: Shine On You Crazy Diamond!

Nicely echoing the original minimalist poster for The Shining, the new poster for Room 237, is simply lovely. Keeping the color (albeit a shade darker yellow) and typeface intact, but replacing the ‘scared-y face’ with a keyhole and film’s iconic hedge maze, the key art offers up what the film is about – or at least it does for those who are tangentially aware of the documentary about conspiracy theories and unusual interpretations of Stanley Kubrick’s cult horror film. The pull quote does the rest of the work in helping out a more general audience, while the all-block-capitals disclaimer at the bottom gives it an edge of ‘unauthorized!’

(Note that the actual film is far from perfect, but nevertheless worth a look.)

The original Shining Poster is tucked under the seat.

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