Friday One Sheet: Minimalism and Text

Here is one way to stand out in a crowd. Take the imagery right out of the poster and go almost entirely with text. Looking like a paperback novel from the 1960s, the key art for Greta Gerwig’s directorial debut, Lady Bird only graphic elements are a small crow on a white cross and a series of warm colour bars along the sides. It’s bold in its own way for avoiding the usual faces of the stars of the film (Saoirse Ronan has a particular striking visage). I doubt you will ever see this as a trend – note the missing credit block, which makes this more of a teaser poster than the ‘real thing.’ Nevertheless, I applaud the restraint and taste here. It works.

Friday One Sheet: A Cure For Wellness

I will happily admit that this poster doesn’t tell me anything really, about the film, other than the credit block (if you squint) indicating that it is the latest film from Gore Verbinski. But simplicity is underrated in movie marketing these days, most posters favouring photoshop clutter, or a long series of character posters, or ugh, head floating above a landscape. So a bright azure apothecary bottle with a girl floating in the liquid on a stark white background might not be the most creative thing in the world, but it certainly stands out. I look forward to February, as new Verbinski is always a good thing!

w00t! **Updated** with a quite excellent trailer which feels like THE KNICK TV series crossed with 1963’s THE MIND BENDERS and GdT’s CRIMSON PEAK.

More Minimalism: Hitchcock

We’ve been finding alot of these minimalist movie posters floating around the web these past few weeks. As long as they stay awesome, I don’t see any reason why they can’t continue; especially when purchasing them is for a good cause.

Graphic designer Matt Needle has put together these snappy, matching Hitchcock posters together in an effort to help out the people of Haiti in their relief. 50% of all the proceeds from the sale of these posters goes directly to Haiti aid relief. Or just look at them and revel in their coolness. But if you wanna help out, head over to Needle Design & Illustration a pick up a set of these awesome prints.