Oscar Bookmaking *FINAL UPDATE*

We have been a tad sparse on Oscar talk this year here in the third Row. The Mamo boys cover this beat in postcast form better than we do in text and picture posts and there will likely (Yo! Marina!) be a live-feed during the event itself – not so much for the information-sharing of awards themselves, but for the snark and catty-ness that inevitably creeps into the conversation when Oscars are being broadcast live. There is something about the current slate of nominations that fails to get passions running hot this year, even if the so-called front-runner – the silent crowd-pleaser from France, The Artist – is actually a solid bit of film-making.

But you know how to spice things up?

I know a lot of you are in Oscar Pools and other ‘Agreements Between Gentlemen.’ Enter Mike The Greek, who is helping you play the odds (and offering free cookies, a BluRay Player and 10 shiny BLU discs if you beat his picks.) He has been running down the list of nominees in his particular idiom all this week – from long shots to mortal locks, and the first two entries are embedded below. Thanks again to the fine purveyors of humour and video over at The Substream and the impeccable aesthetics of Mike’s wardrobe.

*LAST UPDATE* – Day 3 (below) has Mike breaking down the Visual Effects Category in a historical context like a Mensa savant. Day 4 (below) has Mike schooling us on Make-up, “Respect the Waddle!” He also says “Vis-à-vis” all smart-like. Day 5 (below) has Mike breaking out charts, statistical analysis, dream regression and W.O.A.M-iness. No worries, The Greek makes it all make sense, and hopefully, dollars and cents.

Day 1: Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Documentary, Best Editing, Best Cinematography

Day 2: Best Animated Film, Best Supporting Actor/Actress, Best Foreign Language Film.

Day 3: Best Live Action Short, Best Art Direction, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing, Best Visual Effects:

Day 4: Best Original Song, Best Make-up, Best Original Score, Best Adapted and Original Screenplay

Day 5: Best Film, Best Director