Soundtrack Of Your Life #9: The Big Chill

In a cold month you need your podcast guests to keep you warm..

Each episode, Corey Pierce welcomes a guest onto the show who has chosen a compilation or soundtrack that speaks to a memorable era of their life. The soundtrack will play underneath and serves as a springboard to discussion about the music itself, how it works within the film, and what was going on with their life at the time of its release.

For episode 9 Corey welcomes RowThree’s own Matthew Price, who along with Matthew Brown make up the might duo of Mamo, which is celebrating their 10th year in 2015. Matthew has selected 1983’s The Big Chill, an exceptional film about how values shift over time, with an exceptional soundtrack that by any standard was a game-changer for the way music and nostalgia were utilized in film. Tune in for discussions about suicide, wake etiquette, Berry Gordy’s ignorance of his own successes, imposing your taste on a new generation. And keep an ear open for Corey’s Mamo gimmick infringement.

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