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Re-live 1980s Cheese with Green Screen and Vector Graphics and Hitler: Kung Fury

The Cinematography Strategy of Fast-Cutting on Fury Road

Wes Anderson Parody Trailers are a Dime-a-Dozen. The editing is strong in this one.

Shia LaBeouf cautions against living in a van down by the river

The Unauthorized Biography of Vincent Price

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Cinecast Episode 327 – Building Gazebos

You might be interested in Kurt’s rather epic, “Kermode-ian,” Ender’s Game rant which tackles one of the key issues with modern blockbuster storytelling. He uses Gavin Hood’s slipshod execution and shading as a kind of Case Study in lazy storytelling and not realizing how rich the material one has at hand. But before that, there is a more civilized and in depth conversation on Steve McQueen’s 12 Years A Slave which looks at what the likely future Best Picture winner does well, and where it perhaps mis-steps. Andrew grades the homework assignments, and hands out a new one, regarding World War I films. And a lengthy watchlist segment sees a couple of underrated Wes Anderson titles under discussion (well, full out praise is more like it), the laundry list of V/H/S 2 failures, a little love of body horror-comedy in James Gunn’s Slither, some talk on Kubrick’s The Shining and A Clockwork Orange, Tarantino’s Kill Bill as it quickly approaches being a decade old, and the ‘it’s not for us’ aspects of Steven Spielberg’s Warhorse.

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The Moviegoers Code of Conduct

Over the past several months, the Mark Kermode podcast (the flagship movie review show on the BBC) has beenworking on a code of conduct for movie goers. It’s been put together by the hosts of the show with help and suggestions from listeners. Last week the code of conduct was laminated and immortalized within the studio. This week, the hosts (Simon and Mark) have put the rules to screen in a reenactment sort of fashion. The attempt will be made to get this into cinemas to play directly before the movie starts – which would be awesome. Of course if you’re a breaker of rule #7, you’ll have missed this important infomercial anyway.

For me personally, rule #3 is of the highest concern to me. Paper bags and winter coats in the theater annoy me to no end. So like Mark says, “No rustling of super high density rustle-o-matic, extra rustle bags.” Agreed! How bout you guys? Which rule is the most important and can you think of any that were left out?


Kermode on “Couple’s Retreat”

As it is well documented around here I’m a big fan of the BBC’s Mark Kermode. I don’t always agree with his analysis but I am always entertained by his analysis. Now while I haven’t yet seen Couple’s Retreat (nor do I plan to), I suspect that this is one of the cases where I likely would agree with the good doctor’s opinion. Although I think maybe he’s exaggerating just a tiny bit. Have you ever walked into a glass door? Take a listen below…


BEST Review of Mamma Mia! Guaranteed to Crack You Up

I thank Andrew for turning me onto the reviews of BBC hired gun Mark Kermode. He’s a bit brash, sometimes rude and we often disagree but he’s fun to listen to.

Earlier today I was catching up on the podcast from last week when I experienced the most embarrassing public display of uncontrollable laughter I’ve had in months. Usually, these come at the hands of the Film Junk guys but this time around, it came care of Dr. Kermode.

Turns out that Mamma Mia! opened in the UK last week, it opens in the US on Friday, and the good doctor was good enough to review it and frankly, it’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all year. There’s witty criticism accompanied by singing and dancing. And as expected, the movie is a winner even though it’s a complete disaster.

Have yourself a laugh: