Friday One Sheet: Ronin

Arrow Video recently gave a deluxe Bluray release of John Frankenheimer’s final feature, and late 1990s adult-action classic, Ronin. While they went with a rather boring de-saturated ‘stack of actors sporting guns’ design for the cover, designer ChungKong released this minimalist, warm toned poster that highlights the French locations while emphasizing the over-sized Macguffin, a large silver case used for transporting ice-skates, at the heart of the ‘late unpleasantness.’

Bookmarks for January 21-23

  • Jean Simmon @ 80.
    “The English actress who made the covers of Time and Life magazines by the time she was 20 and became a major midcentury star alongside strong leading men like Laurence Olivier, Richard Burton and Marlon Brando, often playing their demure helpmates, died on Friday at her home in Santa Monica, California”
  • The Haneke MacGuffin: What is the Mystery?
    “There are open-ended films and there are closed ones, and Haneke prefers the former. He wants the audience to actively participate in watching and interpreting the film — and to be conscious that they are doing so. Both “Caché” and “The White Ribbon” are explicitly about (as I like to say) what goes through your head while you watch them.”
  • Vincenzo Natali’s Sundance Diaries
    “Sarah is radiant and brilliant. This is Sundance number seven for her and she wears it well. She carries the interviews with a relaxed intelligence and good humor that reminds me of how pleasurable it was to work with her on the set. Her best quip yet, “Splice is a film that is morally indefensible.” She says it with pride. Who would have thought that this sterling icon of Canadian cinema is so damn twisted? It fills me with a rare jolt of patriotism.”
  • World’s strangest movie theater snacks.
    While popcorn may be popular in movie theaters worldwide, there are still traditionalist holdouts in every country, where unusual local treats are still offered at the concession counter.
  • Ranting in Pictures
    An appreciation of a hybrid of the video essay and the mash-up — an emerging format that’s often more entertaining than the work it cannibalizes.
  • The Digital Distribution of Short Films (An Art in Itself)
    In our ever-evolving digital world, filmmakers push distribution farther by using the outlet that reaches the widest audience possible: the Internet.
  • Cinema’s Naughtiest Germans!
    Oh those Germans. And how well they die… on netflix! It seems half the films available for instant viewing are for, by or about that most egomaniacally insane of western nations, Deutschland! For some reason these Teutonic descendants of pillaging marauders and towheaded savages are just meant for the casual distance provided by netflix streaming. Let’s take a look:
  • Terry Gilliam talks Sherlock Holmes, Avatar and Dr. Parnassus
    he Onion A.V. Club and Terry Gilliam sit down for a little chat. Gilliam: “I keep saying reputations are kind of like dog shit that you step into as you’re walking down the street, and you can’t get it off your shoe the rest of your life.” Another Tidbit: Robert Duvall is replacing Jean Rochefort as Don Quixote in resurrected Gilliam project. (nice!)


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