First Trailer for Pattinson Romance Remember Me

RememberMeMovieStillSome credit needs to be given to the folks at Summit fore releasing this at the peak of Robsession. As the New Moon crew runs through the promotional ringer and RPattz and KStew are everywhere, they release the first full length trailer for Robert Pattinson’s newest film Remember Me.

Directed by TV regular and first time feature film director Allen Coulter, the film stars Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin (of Brink and “Lost” fame) as a young couple trying to keep their budding relationship strong amidst various family problems. The film also stars Chris Cooper (as Ravin’s over protective cop father) and Pierce Brosnan (as Pattinson’s uncaring father).

I haven’t been tracking the production that closely but am impressed that the studio managed to pump out a trailer so soon (the film isn’t scheduled to open until March 12, 2010) but what’s most impressive is that it actually looks promising. I’m not sure how well I guy Pattinson’s accent (I had a slight problem with it in the past) but the trailer suggests a promising drama. And no, not just because of the fangirls.

Trailer tucked under the seat.

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Paltrow and Phoenix in Two Lovers Trailer

Two Lovers Movie StillSmart, taut, adult romantic dramas are few and far between. From the sounds of it, we’ve already had a good one in Elegy (our review) and if all goes well, we may have a second coming in the next few months.

James Gray and Joaquin Phoenix have teamed up a third time (the two previously worked together on The Yards and the wrongly dismissed We Own the Night) for Two Lovers, a drama about a bachelor torn between two women, the family friend his parents want him to marry (Vinessa Shaw) and his neighbor (Gwyneth Paltrow). Gray has, yet again, set his story in New York and we’re likely to see more of the great NY flavor that has surrounded his previous films. The trailer sets up the story nicely and seems to capture some of the difficulties of dealing with relationships when you have cultural/familial bonds to deal with as well.

I’m not completely sold mostly because I’m not convinced that Gray can pull off a straightforward romance, but I am interested. I found the relationship dynamic between Phoenix and Eva Mendes in We Own the Night was excellent and Paltrow has been very selective in her roles over the last few years, appearing in mostly (I’m not counting the favor she did for her brother appearing in the forgettable The Good Night) good films and re-watching Seven last night I was reminded of how good she can be when she’s “on”.

Sadly, the film is being “dumped” into the abyss of January. Two Lovers opens on January 9th.

Trailer is tucked under the seat!

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