Terry Gilliam’s Don Quixote Project Greenlit By Amazon

We do not generally publish news items here in the third row, and this is not even fully confirmed news, and this isn’t even the first time for this news. But screw it. Amazon Streaming is funding Terry Gilliam’s often aborted The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (see: Lost in La Mancha for the well documented cluster-fuck of the project) a pseudo-adaptation of Miguel de Cervantes famous novel.

According to an interview with the director at indiewire, Amazon is funding the film to get a brief theatrical run before becoming a streaming-only Amazon Prime product. He has even tapped John Hurt to star as the famous man of chivalry who tilts at windmills for a 2016 shoot.

Time will tell if this actually happens, but god, we hope it does.

Terry Gilliam is Chasing Windmills (again)

gilliam_quixoteIf ever two things were a heavenly match, it is Terry Gilliam and Don Quixote. They are kindred spirits in many was inso far a real person can have things in common with a literary creation. A decade ago, external forces, bad luck, and poor planning crashed and burned Gilliam’s attempt to make a modern/time-travel riff on Don Quixote (but yielded a very fine and interesting documentary Lost in La Mancha). The original (perfect) casting choice of Jean Rochefort is probably not a possibility at this point (He is 79 and had trouble riding a horse in even back in 2000 due to one ailment or another), although granted Rochefort was fabulous in a small role 2006’s Tell No One, so the guy is still working and Johnny Depp is not as edgy as he was 10 years ago (although bringing ‘Jack Sparrow’ back on board would probably make the financing easier), there are loads of possibilities with a second kick at Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra’s masterwork. Gilliam has currently re-acquired the rights and is reworking the old script with a fresh perspective. Let it never be said that his isn’t persistent, even if he often shoots himself in the foot (Sound familiar? Maybe Gilliam should cast himself in the lead.). Fingers crossed that this finally goes into production and makes it through the process this time. (And for that matter that Gilliam can salvage something out of his current project, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, which was complicated by the untimely death of Heath Ledger.