Sunday Video Essay: Bullshit!

American philosopher and author, Harry Frankfurt, efficiently sums up the subtle difference between lies and bullshit in this short monologue. It is posted here for two reasons. One: the audio is cut to a lovely edit of classic cinema, stock footage, and news clips; and two any time someone puts something of nuance into the conversation on the internet, it is worth celebrating.

Errol Morris on The Unknown Known

A Q&A I recorded at one of the Toronto International Film Festival screenings of Errol Morris’s new documentary on Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld. Morris talks a bit about language, and a bit about the contradictions and snowflakes of a political lifer that is still in his bubble of denial. It is a rather excellent 12 minute supplement to the film itself.

Movie Club Podcast #21: F For Fake, Catfish, Exit Through The Giftshop

The MOVIE CLUB Trick-u-mentary edition is now available at the Movie Club Podcast website. Episode #21 features lengthy spoiler-filled discussions of Orson Welles’ F For Fake, Banksy’s art disaster movie Exit Through The Gift Shop and the controversial Facebook relationship documentary, Catfish. The guest contributors for this episode are Film Junk‘s Sean Dwyer and The Documentary Blog’s Jay Cheel, Where The Long Tail Ends‘ James Gillham and local Row Three writers Marina Antunes and Kurt Halfyard. Wherein we discuss the nature of truth and documentary, the sexiest voice-over narrator, and the line between lies that lie and lies that tell the truth.

The Movie Club is as much for the listeners as it is the contributors. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section over at the Movie Club Page. (Comments are turned off on this post.) The Next Episode will be recorded in March and the films on discussion will be Flash Gordon and Zardoz.