Cinecast Episode 260 – Time Capsule that Bitch

With Rot’s written review of Snow White and The Huntsman easily being the most pile-on thread at RowThree in quite some time, Matt and Andrew continue the ‘probably too much passion for this darn movie’ energy for a full throttle conversation with some sort of middle-ground achieved. As fun as the conversation is, and it is full on *SPOILERY!*, it is merely a lead-in to our somewhat signature brand of narcissism: Wait until the homework grading starts! Easily the most fun we’ve ever had with our listeners’ emails, we will be handing out final grades next week and it’s going to be close, this batch is the culmination of an AMAZING semester of homework assignments.

(Our Sincere Thanks for all the great participation!)

After a lengthy grading session it’s time to hit The Watch List. Though Andrew sits out and scarfs down Doritos, we listen as Kurt finally catches Noah Baumbach’s The Squid and the Whale before tackling his requisite weekly arty Anime viewing. Matt’s on board with our last week discussion on Headhunters and urges everyone to run to your local arthouse and see Richard Linklater’s Bernie (if you can find the darn thing.) ‘Tis a packed show and a barrel of giggles to boot.

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Franco Out, Bloom In; Ruffalo’s Directorial Debut

I think I speak for everyone here in the RowThree offices when I say we’re big fans of Mark Ruffalo. He’s been real smart with the films he chooses to appear in and so far… so great.

He’s great enough that I was pleased when I learned he was going to take a shot being on the other side of the camera, directing a dramedy entitled, Sympathy for Delicious. Even better yet is the cast he managed to sign on to the project: James Franco, the great Laura Linney, Juliette Lewis and of course Ruffalo himself.

Today though I was dismayed to learn that Franco is out of the production and someone new is taking his place: Orlando Bloom. Well, unless Linney really carries the film or Ruffalo somehow manages to get something out of Bloom we’ve not seen before, huge demerits are earned with this casting (un)development.

a brief synopsis:

The story, written by Christopher Thornton, follows a paralyzed DJ, struggling to survive on the streets of LA, who turns to faith healing and mysteriously develops the ability to cure the sick — although not himself. The DJ then decides to cash in on his gift in exchange for his rock ‘n’ roll dreams.

Bloom, taking over for Franco, will play the frontman of a tough-as-nails rock band. Linney plays as the band’s manager working hard to stay relevant in a 21st century musical world.

So Bloom is to play a “tough as nails frontman for a rock band” instead of Franco? Whatev dude. Ah well, I still really look forward to seeing what Ruffalo can do from the director’s chair. The film is scheduled to start shooting next week.

RowThree Cinecast: The Lost Episode


Lost episode:
Very little production here today folks – no bumper music and very little editing. This is a rough cut of a recently found episode of the RowThree Cinecast from a few weeks back. In this episode we have an all new Top Ten List, reviews of Igor and Battle in Seattle as well as some DVD picks and more!

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