Mamo #300: The Bar Mitzvah

Mamo rounds third base with a potpourri discussion of Star Trek Into Darkness and Man of Steel (and their respective final trailers), Iron Man 3 (and its leading man), 42 (and the current state of sports movies), and the hows and whys of becoming a man. Summer ho! If you haven’t entered the box office contest yet, do so via this link here.

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Mamo #296: Sweet As

One month later to the day, Matt Brown returns from Middle Earth and Matt Price regales him with everything that’s happened in Hollywoodland since he’s been away. New Zealand travel tips abound! Plus, yet another random stranger asks our opinion about Episode VII! It’s like nothing’s changed at all.

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Mamo #290: Star Abrams Wars Trek

All right, you wanna talk about J.J. Abrams and Star Wars? Here we go. Mamo looks at the career of the best middle manager in the business and speculates about what this all means for a galaxy far, far away.

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Mamo #283: Mamo Into Darkness

With The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey still dangling like a high frame rate sugar plum mere days away, and Skyfall back in first place, we turn our attention to Star Trek: Into Darkness, and the perils of being J.J. Abrams. Plus: between Oblivion and After Earth; is it science fiction time again?

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Review: Super 8


*Mild Spoilers*

One thing is perfectly clear about JJ Abram’s Super 8. Elle Fanning is destined to become both a top shelf actress and a major star. Not since Drew Barrymore in E.T. (or Jenna Malone in Contact) has a young actress knocked a role out of the park. I know Fanning has been around a while (she was one of the kids in Babel, Benjamin Button and Reservation Road – prestige pics all) she is a marvel in Sophia Coppola’s Somewhere, perhaps the first picture in which she comes out from the shadow of her more callow older sister Dakota (a veteran of several Spielbergian pictures herself, although more relegated to screaming and looking cute, and less to actually acting.) Fanning’s Alice Dainard encapsulates the budding fascination of boys for girls, and impressing them by making zombie films it seems, that when director JJ Abrams yanks her abruptly out of the picture to become damsel in distress, it signals the point from when the film goes from firing on all cylinders, as a Goonies style endless summer, to being a slave to its inane and nonsensical plotting. This however, does not stop the film from being a wonderful piece of throwback filmmaking for fans of the old Amblin Entertainment imprint – the Spielberg production house which produced films about suburban kids taking/dealing with adventure, danger, and often adult issues in the form of problems, think E.T., The Goonies, Young Sherlock Holmes and Gremlins – but Abrams’ desire to amp up the scares and the body count (beyond all Amblin titles except Poltergeist) seems to peg the film more at thirty-something film nerds than the target audience of 12 year old boys. Am I being cynical about this? Maybe I should be thankful that the film is not a franchise entry, sequel or reboot, but when a film comes this close to being a great summer movie, you tend to be a bit harder on it, a bit more critical of its flaws that prevent it from getting there.

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Matt Brown Talks SUPER 8 and SPIELBERG


Mamo!’s Matt Brown is over at The Substream (god bless ’em!) and up to his usual shenanigans. That is to say, wonderful and personal commentary on a movie currently in wide release. This time Brown tackles Steven Spielberg, JJ Abrams, Super 8, and his own childhood.

We will embed the high-resolution video when it pops up on Youtube, but for now (unless you use an iPhone/Pod/Pad), you can watch it in flash over at The Substream: