Finally! A Trailer for Sell Out!

SellOutIf you’ve been with us from the beginning, you may recall that at 2008’s VIFF, Colleen (fellow After the Credits co-host and lover of all things zombie) fell in love with a little Malaysian film titled Sell Out! about a product engineer who has developed a machine that will create 10 different product from soybeans. I’m sure there’s more to the film (including a woman who seems to love rubbing people the wrong way) but I can’t figure it out. All I can tell is that it looks like fun – complete with musical numbers.

Honestly, the only reason this is even news is that we finally have a chance to see what the heck Colleen was going on about. Sure looks like fun.

No clue when (or even if) this comes out on DVD; the trailer comes courtesy of the film’s recent screening at the Hawaii International Film Festival.

Check it out tucked under the seat!

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