Trailer: Wind River

Taylor Sheridan wrote Sicario for Dennis Villeneuve and Hell or High Water for David Mackenzie. Now, he’s directing one of his own screenplays, a wintry noir called Wind River. An FBI agent (Elizabeth Olsen) teams with the town’s veteran game tracker (Jeremy Renner) to investigate a murder that occurred on a Native American reservation. Canadian veteran actor Graham Green is the local police presence, and Canuck rocker Hugh Dillon (The Headstones, Hard Core Logo) also has a small part. I’m a sucker for procedural crime movies set in the winter (from Fargo, to Insomnia, to Smilla’s Sense of Snow) and this looks superb in that ‘no nonsense’ Sheridan fashion.

Wind River will be getting a semi-wide release from The Weinstein Company on August 4th.

Mamo 428: Vageena/Vagina


Hello! Mamo digs into the true meaning of the auteur theory in a consideration of the subjective successes of Guillermo Del Toro, before addressing the Jennifer Lawrence wage gap standoff and its potential ramifications, and the proper pronunciation of the words “dour,” “vagina,” and “Guillermo.”

Cinecast Episode 369 – Sometimes You Gotta Lie to Tell the Truth

We should retitle the show from Cinecast to “room full of loudmouths.” Matt Gamble is back on the show this week to add that extra dimension of bitching, praising, complaining, droning and bloviation that this episode needed to give the series a good crane kick in the ass. First up it’s the festival favorite TIME LAPSE, which despite its high concept and heady nature, the boys find surprisingly little to say about except that it’s pretty great. Andrew and Matt report on the Jeremy Renner vehicle, KILL THE MESSENGER – which peaked far too early in the run time. Pat Morita is the sensei for THE KARATE KID in this week’s volume of The 1984 Project. With The Watch List this week, it’s more Fincher, more Duplass, more sci-fi and high concept, cannibalism, Amazon Prime, Mike Meyers’ directorial debut and Harry Potter with horns. Lastly we argue about nothing regarding HBO’s newly announced method of content delivery.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!



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Trailer: Kill The Messenger

It is telling that all of our ‘investigative journalism’ stories are now period pictures. Jeremy Renner here plays San Jose Mercury News reporter Gary Webb who uncovered the fact that the CIA was smuggling cocaine into the United States for the purposes of funding Central American Contra activities. (On a side note: This is also why former LA police detective Michael Ruppert turned down CIA appointments and became a full time investigative journalist and conspiracy researcher, and the subject of the 2009 film, Collapse. And while Ruppert is not in any way involved in this particular story, in real life, both Ruppert and Webb eventually committed suicide.)

Adapted from Webb’s 1999 book Dark Alliance and directed by Michael Cuesta (TV’s Homeland and Dexter) this looks very solid stuff, in a genre of film that isn’t made as often as I would like. The massive supporting cast is stacked to the gills with great actors: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Paz Vega, Michael Sheen, Oliver Platt, Michael K. Williams, Ray Liotta, Andy Garcia, Tim Blake Nelson, Berry Pepper, Robert Patrick, and Rosemarie DeWitt.

Friday One Sheet: American Hustle

In terms of glossy Hollyood genre fare that screams “Let’s just put on a goddamn show!” The fall film to beat is Ridley Scott’s The Counselor. But the dark horse is most certainly David O. Russell’s equally star studded heist drama American Hustle. Annapurna and their distributor Columbia (Sony) Pictures have put out some high-photoshop but still damn sexy showcases of their great looking cast in swanky period attire. Clean, simple, glamorous. I offer Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence above, but the rest of them are tucked under the seat.

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Hansel and Gretel: Kickers of Ass

Way back in 2009, director Tommy Wirkola released his Nazi Zomibes film, Dead Snow (Død snø), and it was a far better film than it had any right to be. Alas not a lot of people got to see the fun because it wasn’t widely released. Plus it wasn’t in English so most of the public wouldn’t bother anyway. But Wirkola is back… in a big way.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters will be his English language debut and continues with the latest “trend” of bringing back well-known historical figures or legends and amping up the fantastical (see Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter or Snow White and the Huntsman).

In this rendition, Hansel and Gretel are not just two helpless youngsters following a trail of bread crumbs. They’re two mean motor scooters out for blood; witch’s blood. So creepy creatures, big explosions, martial arts and bullet time are all employed as we watch Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton have their way with the supernatural.

The movie, much like Dead Snow (review), actually looks like a lot more fun than it probably should be. Rounding out the cast are Famke Janssen, Peter Stormare, Zoe Bell and Thomas Mann. A trailer with Spanish subtitles hit the tubes of You this morning and is probably worth taking a look at…

New Bourne Legacy Trailer is compensating for a lack of Jason

I do not expect The Bourne Legacy to be like this, but the advertising really, really, really wants to to know that ‘the new Treadstone guy’ is far superior to the one from the previous three films; in fact he might actually be a superman of sorts, with the CIA scientists (Rachel Weisz) messin’ with his genes. Either way, I am completely sold on this franchise which is sort of a high water mark of American action cinema going so far as to influence how they make the 007 films. Besides, they have gone added a load of new actors (all showcased here in the trailer) while retaining a lot of the previous players. And if memory serves, they are going to integrate some footage from the previous films into this one, (liked they did in The Bourne Ultimatum.) Oh, and Jeremy Renner really, really stomps on a guys head.

The Bourne Legacy: Our First Glimpse

I still don’t completely get why a book was written titled “The Bourne Legacy” and it has nothing to do with Jason Bourne. In fact, we talked about it almost a year ago on RotCast episode 118. But from a marketing standpoint (especially with the film franchise) I guess I understand. “There was never just one.”

But also, after the way in which Greengrass and Damon wrapped up The Bourne Ultimatum, the idea of more from the franchise seemed like milking the cow and completely unnecessary. After today, I don’t completely feel that way anymore.

It might be just another typical actioner, but so what? Quite frankly, despite very little of a plot structure given away, this new trailer is rather promising. With the cast and crew that is involved, I can’t help but be intrigued. Renner is on his way to A-List status and Edward Norton looks to be making some kind of much-needed and well-deserved comeback in 2012. Also Mike Hammer = win. The film also stars Albert Finney, Oscar Isaac, Joan Allen, David Strathairn, and Scott Glenn.

But let’s be honest, after Gilroy’s last two directing successes (Michael Clayton, Duplicity), I’m pretty much on board with anything he’s got up his sleeve for the time being.

Looks like the make-up department already is deserving of an Oscar nod for making Renner almost completely unrecognizable. The film opens in theaters everywhere on August 3rd. Check this shit out…


Review: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Although far from seminal, there are a few Hollywood franchises I enjoy more than the Mission Impossible series. Laden with spectacular stunts and driven by a Lalo Schifrin’s sensational main theme, each film bears the unique stylistic stamp of the director at the helm – Brian De Palma (Scarface) for the original, John Woo (Face/Off) and J.J. Abrams (Star Trek) for the sequels – while at the same time succeeding as fun, fast paced action movies guaranteed to excite and entertain. Most recently, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol sees another new filmmaker take the reins: The Incredibles director Brad Bird, in his very first live-action film. And while the plot may be slapdash and characterizations frequently feeble, this new mission once again delivers what audiences really want: ambitious, gripping, fantastically conceived action.

Ghost Protocol kicks off with IMF agents Jane Carter (Paula Patton; Precious) and Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg; Paul) breaking team leader Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) out a Russian prison so that the three of them might infiltrate the Kremlin and recover files that will help them identify a criminal known only as Cobalt (Michael Nyqvist; Abduction) who is bent on instigating a nuclear war. But the mission is soon revealed to be a set-up, and after a bomb destroys a large part of the Russian presidential complex, Hunt and his team, as well as the mysterious Agent Brandt (Jeremy Renner; The Hurt Locker) find themselves labelled as terrorists, disavowed by their agency, and with no choice but to clear their names by whatever means they can.
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P.T. Anderson’s The Master has resumed Production!


Hell yea, folks! P.T. Anderson’s L. Ron Hubbard sort-of-biopic (As Orson Welles Citizen Kane was to William Hearst) has come out of its financial paralysis and is back on track. Philip Seymour Hoffman is still in the lead role, but it appears that Jeremy Renner, is going to be replaced with a returning-to-acting Joaquin Pheonix. If you recall, the project was stalled either for creative issues or financial, it was never clear. But it appears that things are moving forward. Now Anderson doesn’t exactly work fast these days, but the end films seem to be consistently worth the wait. I’ll try to have patience, and enjoy the fact that The Tree of Life is coming out next month.