Not At Odds #2 – What Historians Get Wrong About Faccuracy!



On this week’s episode of NOT AT ODDS, Jandy and I go into the issue of historical accuracy in film and whether or not that’s a big deal. We coin a new term – FACCURACY – and admit to not having seen Selma. Lotta good truth here. Well, mostly truth. Actually, a few things were added for drama, but the moment was truthy…

Oh you get the idea. Listen to our new episode and tell us what you think!


Would you like to know more…?

Welcome to Jandy Stone.

jandystoneYou may have seen a couple of reviews around Rowthree (and it’s kissing cousin, Morepop) over the past few days written by a Ms. Jandy Stone. We would like to take this opportunity and formally welcome her to the Row Three community and very much look forward to her contributions and conversation. She is a fan of Anna Karina, has watched Bela Tarr’s Satantango (in one sitting?), and has all of her pop culture (high and low) bases covered. Some academics in there too. The combination makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. She also runs a sharply designed website of her own, The-Frame. (More on Jandy in the About Section of Rowthree)

It is nice to have another female voice on the site.

So all of you out there, casual and regular readers alike, give some warm hellos.