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Isaac Asimov and Kevin MacDonald to Make Sweet Sweet Love

Asimov's end of eternity

I am lousy at doing these News posts and for the most part don’t do them unless something quite stupendous slaps me upside the head as if to say tell it on the mountain, this here is important.

In my universe, this here is important.

Sean at Film Junk recently posted that Kevin MacDonald has been hired to direct the film adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s The End of Eternity, a story which allegedly takes a clever approach to time paradoxes as time-transgressing humans known as Eternals co-exist with mortals in the distant future. The prospect of merging the very best of hard sci-fi with the proven acute sensibilities to storytelling that MacDonald as a director has proven in films like Touching the Void and Last King of Scotland, fills me with anticipation. While I have not read any of Asimov’s novels this one is instantly at the top of my queue for summer reading.

I am loving this sci-fi resurgence we have coming, perhaps it will be what superhero movies have been for the last couple years now. With names like James Cameron, Ridley Scott, David Fincher and now Kevin MacDonald getting into the action, my hope is the genre will get back to spotlighting heady ideas in films.

Cinecast Episode 116 – Knowing is Half the Battle


Episode 116:
We’re back with a little Knowing this week. A lot of Knowing actually. Then it’s on to some other tidbits of goodness, DVDs and Spike Jonze.

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Asimov’s ‘Foundation’ Series to Be Adapted

Foundation Book CoverAsimov fans can start sharpening those pencils (who needs pens that write upside down?) for the hate mail they’ll be writing or, depending on their level of affection, to gouge out their eyes.

Isaac Asimov’s well loved and respected “Foundation” series, which spans about 500 years and tells of the story of a humans scattered on planets throughout the galaxy and living under the rule of the Galactic Empire, has been optioned for the big screen.

In and of itself this could be fantastic news. Though I’ve yet to read the series, I understand it’s a fairly complex story which requires some care and attention to detail and with the right director, this could turn into an excellent and lucrative franchise but when I say the right director, I mean someone of Peter Jackson calibre. Sadly that’s not going to happen because the project is apparently being picked up as a directing vehicle for none other than Roland Emmerich.

So the guy is known for big budget effect pictures (at least we know it’ll look good) but story never seems to be too much of a concern for his films and I’m afraid that this series and Asimov’s message will get trampled and bogged down, if not entirely disappear, under Emmerich’s direction and that would be a great shame. The last thing we need is another I, Robot.