Cinecast Episode 236 – Ocular Coitus

While our friend Matt Gamble is still on the mend (not from a boating accident), Kurt and Andrew grew a bit tired of executing these shows together all alone and reached towards the heavens above for this episodes guest host: Aaron Hartung (aka the dude who lives upstairs). Aaron also happens to work for the best cinema chain in town, Landmark Theaters; not only does he seem to know his movie stuff, he’s got a voice for radio to boot.

We missed last week’s episode due to other obligations and illness, there is a LOT to get to this week. From Lars von Trier’s visually rich disaster/depression epic to the long awaited new Alexander Payne film (it has indeed been six years) we cover your auteur cinema-making-guys. But wait, there’s more: Fifties sex icons, furry-little-singing-nostalgia-engines(tm) and a whole lot of early cinema history enshrined in a Martin Scorsese ‘kids film.’ Enjoy this double-digest episode of the show: It’s time to start the music, it’s time to light the lights, it’s time to talk death, depression and the urgent need for knowing our history on the Cinecast tonight.

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Video Review: HUGO

Perhaps the wildcard of this Thanksgiving filmgoing race, not only is the mega-budget family movie from Martin Scorsese (A first from the director of Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and the Last Temptation of Christ among others), but also the filmmaker’s first attempt at 3D filmmaking. The Invention of Hugo Cabret (both the source novel and initial film tile, before truncation to Hugo) turns out to be a film-history primer, and Mamo!s Matt Brown (courtesy of The schools you on why it is both wonderful and informative – as if Scorsese finally invented the cherry flavour for medicine that actually tastes awesome and fixes what ails you at the multiplex.

Happy Thanksgiving: What Film Are You Seeing?

First off, happy Thanksgiving to those in the United States today. As you are home for the holidays with family and friends, perhaps watching football or dragging out skeletons in the family closet, you should perhaps give thanks for the apparent quality of mainstream movies that are jostling for your holiday dollars. As of this writing, The Muppets and Hugo have 97% Rotten Tomato scores, and Aardman’s Arthur Christmas is sitting at a cool 94%. All three films have about 100 reviews at the online aggregation site, so there is healthy population, and this no mere ‘ahead of the curve effect’ that can often happen with geekier film releases.

But it begs the question: With three critically acclaimed Holiday film landings, which one are you going to see during your Turkey-break? I do not know if there is a precedent for three major family films opening on Thanksgiving, all apparently worth your time.

Weigh in, if you so please, in the comments section on what you saw and what you thought.