Here Comes The Devil to Open at The Royal Cinema This Valentine’s Day

If you haven’t heard of Adrián García Bogliano yet, you certainly will soon. The subject of the January feature at Rue Morgue Magazine, and a critically triumphant run in the Toronto International Film Festival’s Vanguard programme in 2012, Here Comes The Devil is, to date, his most sophisticated piece. Finally, it is getting a theatrical release, however limited.

As any parent can attest, the safety of their children is their number one priority. But what happens when that safety is threatened – not by a tangible thing, but a force far beyond a mother or father’s control? Writer/director Adrián García Bogliano has taken this concept to new heights with Here Comes the Devil, a darkly perverse tale of the family dynamic gone grossly awry, playing in theatres in Canada February 2014, from Video Services Corp. (VSC) Would you like to know more…?

Friday One Sheet: Here Comes The Devil

Mexican horror film Here Comes The Devil may lack a large budget but it is one of the better ‘haunting’ films to come out in the past couple years, and it picked up a fair number of awards on the festival circuit. And for its North American release, the marketing folks have put together a pretty fine poster featuring clean typesetting and a distinctly red palette. I could do without the children in the title card being just a white Photoshop copy of the same element on top of the mountain, but for those who have seen the film, that particular hand-hold is one of the films signature images, just as that mountain cave is the location that sets things off. I love how the credit block fits so naturally into the center of the design and the host of writing devils at the bottom recalls the ‘satanic panic’ series of low budget American horror films of the mid to late 1970s; thus making this both nostalgic and modern.

Just for fun, the trailer is tucked under the seat.

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Cinecast Episode 273 – It’s TIFF 2012!

Thanks once again to Ryan McNeil of The Matinee for dropping back in for our huge TIFF recap (and almost spoiler-free!). Andrew sits in quiet solitude on the sofa, acting mainly as an audience member (admittedly, mostly fiddling with Pinterest and playing Tiger Woods Golf) with much amusement as Ryan and Kurt recap a large chunk of their TIFF experience. Sadly, due to the late hour of recording, there was no time left for The Watch List. We are happy, hoever to kick of the Fall Semester of homework assignments. The discussion gets pretty spirited where there is agreement and disagreement on many of the films screening at this years festival. Drop in again next week for a return to our usual programming: a lengthy discussion on PT Anderson’s The Master and responses to this first volley of homework assignments.

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Mamo’s #TIFF12 Coverage, Part Four: Here We Are

Special guest star Kurt Halfyard joins us on Day 9 of the Toronto International Film Festival 2012 for more reactions and response! We talk To The Wonder, Gangs of Wasseypur, Jump, Leviathan, Penance, The Thieves, Here Comes The Devil, The Bay, A Hijacking, Great Expectations, The Iceman, and more! Plus, the long-awaited rumble on the Canteen patio about whether or not horror is a viable genre: buckle up and grab your sister’s hand…

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