Trailer: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2

A new Guardians of the Galaxy movie, means a new 1970s pop-rock collection of song, and that is led off here with Fleetwood Mac. All of showcased here, including a lot more of the effortlessly effective humour from James Gunn’s direction. Oh, and Kurt Russell. This particular corner of the Marvel universe is the only one I bother with, because it more than the rest of the studio’s franchise building efforts feel beholden to corporate sameness. Guardians of the Galaxy still feels like it has its own personality, and some directorial auteurism, propelling it along.

Teaser: Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

Lots of slow motion, character poses, philosophizing on dancing and an unasked for hug. More than half a year from its Summer 2017 release, here is the teaser for the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, which certainly promises more of the same (albeit no image of fan-favourte, Groot in there), soundtrack and all. Enjoy.

Friday One Sheet: Guardians of the Galaxy Retro Poster

Aafter the runaway success, and natural geek alignment of James Gunn’s Guardian of the Galaxy, I expect there dozens, if not hundreds of fan-made posters for the film emphasizing man elements, but I think thus far, this tribute to pulp-science fiction, Amazing Stories slash This Island Earth, by designer Stefan Lawrence is my favourite.

It also echoes the Yellow-Green-Red colour palette of the film, which is a bonus.

Cinecast Episode 362 – Primordial Dwarfism

Aafter nearly a three week hiatus, Weeeeee’re Baaaaa-aaack. In what is a true first on the Cinecast’s 8 year history, all three of Andrew, Kurt and Matt assembled in the same space to do a show with no telecommunications/web bridge. So, of course we pick a noisy bar and record over too many cocktails. With munchies and Montreal Smoked Meat, on the docket are three main reviews: Guardians of the Galaxy, Boyhood and Lucy which, oddly enough GotG gets the consensus favourite. Ever want to hear Kurt praise a Disney-Marvel production, now is your chance.

There is no 1984 project this week, but rest assured things will return to tomorrow with 2010: The Year We Make Contact next week, and Stop Making Sense after that.

Kurt does his annual 1+ hour recap of The Fantasia International Film Festival (which was also the source of the imported smoked meat) which is followed by a slew of titles from Matt (James Cameron Rape Sci-fi, Abortion Comedy, Punk Catharsis) and Andrew (Zach Braff, Heavy Metal, Alan Partridge and the last of Phillip Seymour Hoffman) with a little Terry Gilliam to round out the picture. LIVE FROM MINNEAPOLIS it is a lengthy, boozy, robust episode of the Cinecast, where bartenders, paramedics, rowdy billiard players, and the odd waitress all make for background character and salty language is tossed around in public spaces.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!



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Extended Trailer: Guardians of the Galaxy

The promise of Guardians of the Galaxy, to me anyway, is quoted directly here, “Something good, something bad, a bit of both.” A Whedon-esque tone with the edge of James Gunn. Apparently, these two are long time friends, and this is their first real collaboration, and it continues to look like a winner.

We do not often get excited about those super hero movies in the third row, but there are exceptions to every rule. Here is presumably the final, and quite extended, trailer for this comic Marvel space movie. Happy to see the powers that be emphasizing the goofball aspects over the ‘spectacle’ aspects again. And kudos to the editor of this ad on the timing of the text during the Runaways tune portion of the trailer.

Trailer: Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel’s marketing team is taking a slightly different approach in this new ‘more epic’ Guardians of the Galaxy trailer. Emphasizing the scale and hero-journey aspects bore the hell out of me and frankly, make the film look less interesting, but this one is catering more to the Marvel/Disney crowed who wolf down their product like sugary breakfast cereal.

The trailer hedges its bets a bit at the end, which gets back to the quirky character goofiness. I’m far more excited for this particular project due to the director James Gunn, who has specialized in R rated genre fare with a humourous bent (Slither, Super) than the usual Marvel tropes, but your mileage may vary.

Second Trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy

This might be as close as one gets to 2005’s Serenity: a dead-pan, but slyly earnest, space romp that somehow keeps its focus on the characters against the spectacle. Certainly the glossiest James Gunn (Slither, Super) directed film, Guardians of the Galaxy seems to be the one Marvel product to stride the line between ‘mass appeal’ and ‘quirky.’

Is this the movie that Warner’s Green Lantern should have been? Perhaps. At the moment, it exists outside of the, frankly, exhausting mega-franchise building framework of Marvel-Disney as a fun stand-alone movie, and seems all the better for it.

Mamo #347: Days of Future Last

Summer begins now! Welcome to the annual Mamo Summer Box Office Competition, and this, our kickoff episode – in which the Matts lay out their vague theories on how things will go down in the domestic marketplace for the summer of 2014.

To download this episode, use this URL:

THE CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. Best of luck to all entrants! Here’s the grosses tabulator for this year.


THE SUMMER STARTS ON MAY 1 AND ENDS ON AUGUST 31, in terms of movies you can pick. Please work by domestic release dates only and with domestic grosses only. Scores will be tabulated after the Toronto International Film Festival is over.

Players will submit the following:

Top ten films, in order of total grosses. Also total gross $ amount and opening weekend gross $ amount. So as an example, submissions should look like this:

1. Kind Hearts and Coronets, $402 million, $175 million
2. The Ruling Class, $375 million, $150 million

Points awarded for:

A. 1-10 Points for film rankings. If you are bang on (your #1 pick comes in #1) you get 10. If you are 5 places away (your #8 film comes in #3) you get 5, etc.

B. 10 bonus points for every film who’s gross you have within 5 million of the actual gross.

C. 5 bonus points for every film who’s gross you have within 10 million of the actual gross.

D. 1 bonus point for every film who’s gross you have within 20 million of the actual gross.

E. 10 Bonus Points for every film who’s opening weekend gross is within $1 million of the actual opening weekend gross.

F. 5 Bonus Points for every film who’s opening weekend gross is within $5 million of the actual opening weekend gross.

G. 1 Bonus Point for every film who’s opening weekend gross is within $10 million of the actual opening weekend gross.

E. 10 point bonus for every film you have ranked correctly AND within 5 million of the actual gross AND within $1 million of the opening weekend gross.

F. For the purposes of calculating weekends – Films opening on a Wednesday are counted until the first Sunday they are released. Films opening on Memorial Day weekend are counted until the following Monday. Films opening the week of July 4 are counted from whenever they open in that week until the first Sunday of their release. Example – Spiderman opens on Tuesday, July 3. Your guess for weekend gross would actually be its 6 day total, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Mamo #341: That’s A Spicy Meatball

Mamo tries to get back on belated track as the Oscar ceremony roars toward us… we give you our Oscar picks, in case you still haven’t entered your office Oscar pool; talk Guardians of the Galaxy and general awesomeness; and hold a brief memorial for the brave, beautiful Mamo 340. And then Price nearly dies. It’s great! It’s Mamo.

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