Flyway Pubcast #2 – Mark DiConzo and Joe Schermann!

Super excited to be sitting down with Mark DiConzo and Joe Schermann from writer/director Gary King’s newest picture, a musical dramedy, How to Write a Joe Schermann Song. Gary was not able to make the fest this year, but being a huge fan of Mark DiConzo since 2009’s New York Lately I was really jazzed about getting to hang out with these guys over the weekend. You can hear the clink of beer bottles before the interview begins – welcome to Flyway!

To listen, hit the play button on the player above or grab the raw .mp3:

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How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song [Soundtrack Preview]

Our buddy Gary King (New York Lately, Death of the Dead) keeps on diving from genre to genre so I suppose it only makes sense that at some point a filmmaker like that is going to tackle a musical. King seems to be attacking this one with gusto and a visual flair not often seen in indie film making.

How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song features all original songs written by Joe Schermann and all performed by the talented cast (Joe Schermann, Christina Rose, Debbie Williams). And you’ll be able to hear the incredible orchestral arrangements written for the songs by composer Ken Lampl.

“This truly has been a memorable collaboration…What I really dig about these songs is that I asked for Joe to create different styles for each lead character. He took it and ran with it. I love these songs. In the film, you will hear his influences of Sondheim, Jason Robert Brown and yes, even Springsteen in them.”

We’re looking forward to finally checking out the film sometime over the next 12 months on the festival circuit (I know for a fact it’s been submitting to many!). Before that, a full fledged trailer should be on its way and today we’ve got a soundtrack preview of some of the songs all set to stills from the film. Take a listen and look to the video below and see what you think.


1. “I WANT” performed by Christina Rose (0:00-0:36)
2. “WRITE ME A LOVE SONG” performed by Christina Rose and Joe Schermann (0:36-1:18)
3. “I FELL IN LOVE” performed by Debbie Williams and Joe Schermann (1:18-1:56)
4. “30 DAYS OF RAIN” performed by Debbie Williams and Joe Schermann (1:56-2:22)
5. “I HATE SUMMER” performed by Christina Rose (2:22-2:46)
6. “MOTH TO THE FLAME” performed by Christina Rose and Debbie Williams (2:46-3:25)
7. “HOW DO YOU WRITE A JOE SCHERMANN SONG” performed by Joe Schermann and Company (3:25-4:43)


Flyway Film Fest Review: “Death of the Dead”

Director: Gary King (What’s Up Lovely, New York Lately)
Writer: Bo Buckley
Producers: Bo Buckley, Justin Soponis
Starring: Christina Rose, Jack Abele, William Lee, Michael Blaustein
MPAA Rating: NR
Running time:

Midnight madness festivals and screening were made for exactly this type of fare. A feature film not penned by the director himself really tests the waters of ingenuity and creativity in the film maker. New ideas and interesting ways of tackling familiar territory must be employed to give the audience something new. For the most part, King’s first feature film without the benefit of his own personal script manages to do just that. That isn’t to say you might not want to imbibe a stimulant or two before your screening.

Death of the Dead is essentially a farce movie for zombie and martial arts fans and has all the requisites needed for a good midnight romp. Jokes galore, half-naked pudding fights, testicle nun-chuks, explosions, hot chick in leather kicking ass and of course flesh-eating zombies. The film is never really all that scary, but the gore gets amped up quite often and the make-up effects for the creatures is absolutely top notch. Genre fans looking for some popcorn fun should have a really good time howling along with the cast and crew members who are all obviously having a really good time making this film.

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Newly Released Teaser for “How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song”

I think I can speak for all of us around here when I say that one of our truest loves is the art of independent cinema. When a good one comes along we sit up and take notice. A couple of years ago, writer/director Gary King wow’d us with his visually pleasing New York Lately. Since then he’s been a busy guy with a couple of other experiments in various genres until finally settling into the world of musicals with his latest project, How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song.

Not being much of a fan of musicals in general, I gotta say this one looks pretty sweet. And from the mouth of the director himself, “this ain’t your momma’s musical” as it gives off a really pretty All that Jazz feel. Not soap mouth, slow crap. This one looks like it really will electrify the screen with some fast pace tunage and King’s flair for visual awesome.

Check out the teaser below and you can get more info on the movie; including Twitter and Facebook links as well as some behind-the-scenes production bloggy stuff over at the film’s official site.



What’s Up Lovely to Screen Next Friday in L.A.

As you might know, a few of us have been big fans of 2009’s New York Lately and we (I) have been highly anticipating screenwriter/director Gary King’s next effort, What’s Up Lovely. Well it looks like the wait is almost over for a few lucky folks out in Los Angeles next weekend.

If you’re in the area, I highly recommend checking out this newest venture from Mr. King (before me… grrr). The event is being held at the Downtown Independent at 8pm on Friday, May 14th. Make your way over there and catch Gary and star Jenn Dees as well as some other cast and crew. It’s only ten bucks and I guess there’s a big rooftop party afterwards. All the info on the event and the film itself can pretty much all be found right over here.

In the dead of night, a recently unemployed insomniac wanders the streets of New York discovering a city beyond her wildest imagination.
Luci loses her job and times are tougher than ever. Unable to sleep, she begins an after-hours journey embarking on a series of strange encounters as she wanders the dark metropolis. During one unforgettable night, Luci comes face to face with her innermost fears and desires as she tries to find her way back home.
Based on a concept by Jenn Dees and Gary King, WHAT’S UP LOVELY is a drama about the struggle to survive the city while battling the enemy within ourselves.
If you’e interested, and you should be,

I’ve been told the film sticks with several of King’s major influences (including Soderbergh, Wong Kar-Wai, Almodóvar) but is a little bit more Lynchian this time around. Whatever that means I can guarantee it piques our interests big time around here. Possibly gonna be some RowThree staff at the shin dig, so seek us out and buy us lots of cocktails.

You can check out the trailer underneath the seats…
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Want to Help Out a Good Director?

Joe Schermann SongI don’t think we’ve covered up our general love for Gary King’s New York Lately (My Review) and I know that both Andrew and I are eagerly awaiting What’s Up Lovely (Check out the Trailer). King’s next project that he would like to do is a musical called How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song. King is trying to finance this movie using Kickstarter. Kickstarter allows anyone to donate money to the cause and he only has 9 days left in the pledge drive. King needs $30,000 for the pledge drive to go through (no money is donated if he doesn’t reach his goal). I’ve chipped in what I can and now I’d like to ask you to chip in whatever amount you can afford. As a special benefit of donating today you can get a free copy of New York Lately or What’s Up Lovely if you donate over $25.00. If you have already donated you can also add an an extra $5 or $10 to your contribution and you will receive one or both of them.

“Death of the Dead” Trailer

No Romero isn’t up to his old tricks again… yet. And considering the pure awfulness of his last outing, that is a good thing. But along comes a zom-com sort of borrowing from the franchise’s “… of the Dead” series.

One of our favorite indie film makers has been busy directing a film that to me sort of resembles Shaun of the Dead meets The New Karate Kid. Gary King wow’d us with his drama, New York Lately, and now before tackling another Lynchian drama adventure with What’s Up Lovely, he’s tackling the zombie sub-genre with a spoof mentality and frankly it looks like a load of fun. Just judging from the trailer, the humor might escape some of us, but the look of the film is gorgeous.

Have a look under the seats for the teaser of Death of the Dead, complete with Ninja Zombies; not from the director who brought us Avatar.


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Bookmarks for December 16

  • Evolution of Horror Movie Poster Designs: 1922 – 2009
    For those who like One Sheets, track some of the trends and styles of Horror pictures, here is rough chronological sampling since the genre was born right up to this year.
  • A History of African-Americans in film
    “An interesting time line in words and pictures that show the progress of “Race movies” over the past 100 years.”
  • Golden Globe nods don’t ensure Oscar love
    “Amid the first rush of Globes fanfare, it will be tempting to look at their five nominees for best drama and five for best comedy/musical and declare them the likely front-runners to become the Academy Ten. For even though the HFPA places 10 bets in its two best picture categories, it hasn’t done all that convincing a job in years past of predicting the Academy’s five best picture nominees. Why should its record improve now that the Academy has upped its ante?”
  • Box Office 2.0: ‘Broken Embraces’ and the Cannes ’09 Crop
    Pedro Almodovar’s “Broken Embraces” has managed three consecutive weekends with per-theater-averages of over $40,000, and this weekend – upon expansion from NY to LA – still managed a $18,255 PTA. Impressive.
  • I Am a Follower (and you should be too)
    Here is a write up that will be posted and updated as the time goes on – with the important people Gary King (New York Lovely) believes you should take an interest in as they all have something special and unique to share in and among the indie film world.
  • Take me to a whole new world…but don’t show me how we got there.
    The insistence on a certain type of realism, which in Hollywood comes down to slickness, truncates the audience’s imagination. When everything is presented in the slickest way possible, it’s difficult to engage with film in a meaningful way – unfortunately, this is what people have come to expect.

Bookmarks for December 7-8th

  • Self Distribution 101: Helvetica and Objectified
    “I know many filmmakers are resistant to entering the field of self-distribution because they fear it will take them away from filmmaking. Hustwit sees it differently. “to me it’s all filmmaking. Either I’m trying to chase people down to be in my film or I’m trying to get them to watch the film. It’s all filmmaking.””
  • Vincenzo Natali’s Sundance Diary – Part 1
    “SPLICE is a France-Canada co-production. An independent film in the truest sense, made far from the prying hands of Hollywood, and with the gentle but firm support of producers who fully endorsed my final cut. As such, I think Sundance, as purveyors of the indie spirit, is a good home. We shall see…”
  • Up in the Air novelist Walter Kirn talks digital manners
    “I’m 47 and the hottest 32-year-old director in Hollywood made me feel hip by making a movie of my book. I guess I’m not completely over the hill.”
  • Gary King talks about a LOVELY Test Screening
    Having achieved picture lock with WHAT’S UP LOVELY, I feel that I am now able to fully cover the details of the decision-making process during the editing stage — and how engaging with test audiences affected its final outcome.

What’s Up Lovely – Official Trailer!

After seeing Gary King’s New York Lately (our review) once again at the Flyway film festival earlier this fall, it solidified its spot somewhere on my annual top ten films of the year list (DVD should be released early 2010 I believe). So it’s without a doubt I’m really looking forward to King’s next project, What’s Up Lovely.

While we posted the teaser trailer back in May, it’s nice to see a full blown, proper preview released which just gives me that much more anticipation and excitement.

Matt and I got a chance to talk with the director at the film festival and we chatted privately a bit about this new picture. King himself makes no bones about his influences here. Evoking nuggets of style from the likes of directors such as PT Anderson and Wong Kar-Wai may appear obvious. But the dark style and esoteric points of the film (and shown more blatantly in this latest trailer than in the lighter teaser) are taken more from the David Lynch school of film making. As far as I’m concerned, these are nothing but positive points for this director and he’ll definitely be one to watch out for. And if you get the chance, pick up New York Lately when it’s released on DVD in a couple months. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Official site

or check out the HD, Vimeo version (and plot synopsis) below the seats…
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Cinecast Episode 142 – Aging Oddly

Episode 142:
With the strange release dates in different cities this time of year it’s difficult to come together and actually have seen the same recent films. Yet we somehow always find a way. Today’s show is just Kurt and Andrew back together for a classic shoot the shit discussion on everything we’ve seen theatrically over the past few weeks – from remastered Halloween classics to the latest Almodóvar and Todd Solondz. We also get into a little early Oscar talk (including the new hosts just announced) and of course weekly DVD choices. Hope you enjoy this little back and forth and feel free to leave your thoughts on anything you wish in the comment section below and
!Thanks for listening!

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