FWC’s DVD Club: The Necessities of Life

The Necessities of Life

This month’s First Weekend Club DVD Club selection is Benoît Pilon’s Oscar nominated The Necessities of Life. The film stars Natar Ungalaaq, of The Fast Runner fame, as Tivii an Inuit man suffering from tuberculosis in a Quebec sanatorium. Unable to speak French and far from his family, Tivii is brought back to health by a white Sister Nurse and the help of an orphan boy who is caught between the world of the “white man” and the Inuit tradition.

The FWC has arranged for the film’s director Benoît Pilon to answer questions. Take part in the discussion by visiting the forum.

Trailer is tucked under the seat!

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FWC’s DVD Club: Away from Her

DVD ClubAround these parts, we love great film and I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I’m always on the lookout for the next best thing in Canadian film. The First Weekend Club is dedicated to sharing the best Canada has to offer and though some of the selections may not always make it to theatres across the border or around the world, there is always the DVD release. Enter the DVD Club.

Every month the First Weekend Club announces a DVD selection along with a special guest – someone involved with the film who will participate and interact with fans in the forum. We here at Row Three also love a great discussion and what could be better than chatting up a storm with the star, director or producer of that film you just watched? Yeah, I thought that might get you a bit excited.

Away From Her

This month’s selection is Sarah Polley’s Away from Her staring Gordon Pinsent, Stacey LaBerge and Julie Christie. For those who haven’t seen it, now would be the time to check out Polley’s fantastic feature directorial debut while those of us who have seen it may want to re-visit the film to part take in some discussion with this month’s guests Gordon Pinsent and Kristen Thomson.