Friday One Sheet: Star Wars Manga

The mania this week around the new round of Star Wars movies was at its peak, and while a traditional collage-style Star Wars poster was released for Episode VII, clearly a new creative team offers for new directions. And that brings us to the orange-bronze comic book style poster above. As the franchise is returning to it’s ‘used universe’ look and feel, and the best images so far has been the derelict leviathan of a beached Star Destroyer and the round little BB-8 droid, this poster capitalizes on both. A lonely figure staring up at the sun is also a key image of the original trilogy (OK, it was two suns in the 1977 film) and it is evoked here, along with the ‘sundown on the Empire’ colouring. Also, in the fine print at the bottom, it says “1 of 4.” I am curious as to the other three.

Star Wars VII: A New Trailer

I was absolutely head over heels for the first trailer Disney released for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It was simple, minimal and looked exactly like the original trilogy look – it even had the same feel. JJ Abrams was making something classic without his signature lens flares and hand held space action. It was like coming home.

Despite this trailer claiming to “be home,” the tone feels much more what I think the haters came to expect from this sequel of sequels: Glossier, busier and pandering. Am I still excited? Of course! Only with the caveat that this looks very much like an Abrams joint.

There is some great imagery of a fallen Empire in here.



Mamo #296: Sweet As

One month later to the day, Matt Brown returns from Middle Earth and Matt Price regales him with everything that’s happened in Hollywoodland since he’s been away. New Zealand travel tips abound! Plus, yet another random stranger asks our opinion about Episode VII! It’s like nothing’s changed at all.

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Mamo #290: Star Abrams Wars Trek

All right, you wanna talk about J.J. Abrams and Star Wars? Here we go. Mamo looks at the career of the best middle manager in the business and speculates about what this all means for a galaxy far, far away.

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Mamo #280: Sparkle Boner

In which we consider Twilight Breaking Dawn and its fanfic-frenzied fandom; the highways and byways of Leos Carax’s festival darling Holy Motors; and whether Star Wars: Episode VII can truly be Star Wars: Episode VII without the death of Han Solo. Grab your opinions and join us!

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Mamo #278: There’s A Party in the Ewok Village Tonight

ZOUNDS! A shockwave ripped the internet in half this afternoon as Disney announced its purchase of LucasFilm for north of four billion bucks – putting Darth Vader, Jack Sparrow, Snow White, Boba Fett, Iron Man, Kermit the Frog and Luke Skywalker under one roof for the first time in history. What does it mean? Where will it go? Mamo does the guesswork!

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