RED BAND Trailer: The Overnight

This quite graphic trailer for Patrick Brice’s suburban sex comedy, has a lot of sex and a lot of foul language. With that warning out of the way, you can see Adam Scott, Taylor Schilling, and Jason Schwartzman behaving badly while their children are barely out of earshot, as a dinner party gets into some seriously weird, quite fast.

The Overnight is produced by the Duplass brothers, of which Mark Duplass was the title character in Brice’s previous underrated gem, Creep.

The film has been playing the festival circuit since Sundance and is getting a limited US release on June 26th.

Trailer: The Freebie


A couple days behind the internets on this one, but to be frank, the gawd-awful title just let this item linger in my inbox without actually checking it out. Foolish me. The Mumblecore to Mainstream train continues to roll onward with this low key romantic drama that features an out-of-left-field dramatic turn from Dax Shepard. Will the film be a compelling look at the ebb and flow of a long term relationship or indulge in high-concept and melodrama? It’s hard to tell, but the lo-fi intimate aesthetic seems to indicate the former, not to mention that Mark Duplass is producer here and his recent foray into multiplex fair, Cyrus (Kurt’s Review) was a pleasant surprise which also took a (relatively) restrained approach to its own rather ‘so-easy-it-writes-itself’ high-concept. And while Shepard is certainly no John C. Reilly, he looks to be turning in some surprisingly good work along with his co-star and Duplass regular (actually, his real life wife) Katie Aselton. This is probably no shock or revelation, but The Freebie is about as ironic of a title possible!

Darren (Dax Shepard) and Annie (Katie Aselton) have an enviable relationship built on love, trust and communication-they still enjoy each others company and laugh at each others jokes. Unfortunately, they can’t remember the last time they had sex. When a dinner party conversation leads to an honest discussion about the state of their love life, and when a sexy bikini photo shoot leads to crossword puzzles instead of sex, they begin to flirt with an idea for a way to spice things up. The deal: one night of freedom, no strings attached, no questions asked. Could a “freebie” be the cure for their ailing sex life? And will they go through with it?

The trailer is tucked under the seat.

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Cinecast Episode 171 – Spiffed Up Stuffy Stuff

Waxing (on, and off) nostagic this week with glossy summer product. Two remakes from the heady cheese days of the 1980s dominated the multiplex last weekend: Will Smith Jr. in The Karate Kid and flying tanks in The A-Team. Contrary to what we say in the show it does not get very “spoilerific” at all; if you are over 30, these two films are more or less beyond that (your mileage may vary). Gamble has a quick take on the upcoming weekends behemoth Toy Story 3, from the perspective of someone (perhaps the only one) who didn’t like Toy Story 2. Kurt talks at length on The Duplass’ brother’s Cyrus which also opens this weekend in a few cities. Furthermore, in an ongoing behind-the-curve look at pop-cultural phenomenon LOST, Kurt continues to moan about the bad drama and stalling nature of the narrative, but does praise the heck out of the Season 2 closer and the Season 3 opener (there are *spoilers* ahoy in that conversation, be warned). Rounding out the show are DVD picks, a few other tangents – anyone up for Chinese cultural imperialism, or Communism vs. Fascism in 80s trash? How to parse TV awards shows? Ron Mann’s choice of having comic book authors read lengthy portions of their books on screen? Fashion Fan Boys? Oh, and another round of the piracy, file sharing, copyright debate ensues.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!

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DVD Cover Art Shenanigans: Humpday

humpday-compAfter the recent tomfoolery with Lionsgate moulding their re-issue of Near Dark to a near perfect re-creation of the Twilight poster, it is worth passing along observations from Eric D. Snider over at Cinematical regarding the Duplass Brothers (The Puffy Chair) latest mumblecore hit Humpday. Now I have not personally caught the movie, to be honest, it is one of the few mumblecore titles (along with Baghead) that does have me truly interest in the movement though. Yet Eric assures that the change in DVD art by moving the background from pink to blue and adding a woman in between is the DVD company trying to alter perceptions in a more ‘hetero-friendly’ fashion and that is a good thing.

…its scruffy stars suggest a gay hipster romantic comedy. The title hides their guts, makes them look thinner than they are. The poster is pink, for crying out loud. Once you’ve seen the movie, the poster feels perfect for it — masculine, with a hint of irony about how obsessed we are with being masculine. (The flowery wallpaper is a nice touch.) But without having seen the movie, the poster just looks … well, gay. Which the movie isn’t.

I am not so sure. The original cover is much more satisfying to look at, in no small part because it is more interesting and intriguing. In the end, advertising is largely the art of lying, and if more people take a chance on the movie it is a good thing, right? But selling one aspect the creative soul of the movie to that end, is it worth it?

Duplass Brothers Take Mumblecore to the Studio

The Duplass BrothersThough I’ve yet to see The Duplass Brothers’ first film, The Puffy Chair has a lot of good buzz surrounding it and when the opportunity came earlier this year, I figured I’d give the guys a chance and went off to see Baghead (our review) which not only surprised but impressed me.

That film is due out on DVD in the next few weeks but the real news here is that the brothers have scored their first studio film. Variety brings details that The Duplass Borthers have taken their new script, originally titled Safety Man, to Fox Searchlight and John C. Reilly, Jonah Hill and Marisa Tomei are all in talks to star in the project about a divorced man who meets the woman of his dreams but is cock blocked by the woman’s teenage son. Sounds pretty low key, exactly as expected, but these guys are great with dialogue and I can’t wait to see what they’re putting together.

I’m also curious to see what this will mean for their style. The film will likely look better than their previous works but I expect that the studio is sitting back letting them do their thing otherwise, why bother? The brothers have enough of a following and the savvy to do it on their own if they’re unable to keep creative control of the project and make the film they want to make.

I’m hopeful; this is sounding excellent.