Mamo 473: Dear White People

As Mamo gets near the end of its first season, we take in the formal mastery of DUNKIRK while wondering aloud: just white people? Really? And at least one of the Matts is a pretty hefty fan of GAME OF THRONES but greets this CONFEDERATE news with a hefty: really, white people? Really?

Friday One Sheet: Dunkirk

Many of the posters for Christopher Nolan’s war-rescue picture Dunkirk have been of the super-wide banner variety. Here is a classic vertical design (and nothing gives a vertical impression than a sailboat) that emphasizes the scope and chaos through depth of field rather than panorama. There are a lot of elements and things to see here, shadows of air planes, fishermen working frantically, soldiers drowning in the water, or floating on objects. The fire offers a few flashes of colour in an otherwise desaturated ‘grim seas’ palette. It is also noteworthy that the IMAX specialty releases of films tend to be a bit more adventurous with their poster designs, probably because they are not distributed as widely.

Teaser: Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk

Billed as an ‘announcement,’ but lets call it a teaser as Christopher Nolan’s World War II rescue picture, Dunkirk does not release until July 2017. Shot on 70mm, with all the production value and weight a film can muster, I am excited that Warner Brothers keeps giving him money to make whatever movie he pleases. Enjoy the rhythm and the photography of this handsomely cut teaser trailer.