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A couple days behind the internets on this one, but to be frank, the gawd-awful title just let this item linger in my inbox without actually checking it out. Foolish me. The Mumblecore to Mainstream train continues to roll onward with this low key romantic drama that features an out-of-left-field dramatic turn from Dax Shepard. Will the film be a compelling look at the ebb and flow of a long term relationship or indulge in high-concept and melodrama? It’s hard to tell, but the lo-fi intimate aesthetic seems to indicate the former, not to mention that Mark Duplass is producer here and his recent foray into multiplex fair, Cyrus (Kurt’s Review) was a pleasant surprise which also took a (relatively) restrained approach to its own rather ‘so-easy-it-writes-itself’ high-concept. And while Shepard is certainly no John C. Reilly, he looks to be turning in some surprisingly good work along with his co-star and Duplass regular (actually, his real life wife) Katie Aselton. This is probably no shock or revelation, but The Freebie is about as ironic of a title possible!

Darren (Dax Shepard) and Annie (Katie Aselton) have an enviable relationship built on love, trust and communication-they still enjoy each others company and laugh at each others jokes. Unfortunately, they can’t remember the last time they had sex. When a dinner party conversation leads to an honest discussion about the state of their love life, and when a sexy bikini photo shoot leads to crossword puzzles instead of sex, they begin to flirt with an idea for a way to spice things up. The deal: one night of freedom, no strings attached, no questions asked. Could a “freebie” be the cure for their ailing sex life? And will they go through with it?

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Cinecast Episode 171 – Spiffed Up Stuffy Stuff

Waxing (on, and off) nostagic this week with glossy summer product. Two remakes from the heady cheese days of the 1980s dominated the multiplex last weekend: Will Smith Jr. in The Karate Kid and flying tanks in The A-Team. Contrary to what we say in the show it does not get very “spoilerific” at all; if you are over 30, these two films are more or less beyond that (your mileage may vary). Gamble has a quick take on the upcoming weekends behemoth Toy Story 3, from the perspective of someone (perhaps the only one) who didn’t like Toy Story 2. Kurt talks at length on The Duplass’ brother’s Cyrus which also opens this weekend in a few cities. Furthermore, in an ongoing behind-the-curve look at pop-cultural phenomenon LOST, Kurt continues to moan about the bad drama and stalling nature of the narrative, but does praise the heck out of the Season 2 closer and the Season 3 opener (there are *spoilers* ahoy in that conversation, be warned). Rounding out the show are DVD picks, a few other tangents – anyone up for Chinese cultural imperialism, or Communism vs. Fascism in 80s trash? How to parse TV awards shows? Ron Mann’s choice of having comic book authors read lengthy portions of their books on screen? Fashion Fan Boys? Oh, and another round of the piracy, file sharing, copyright debate ensues.

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