Mamo 437: Asshat Assets


Deadpool!! The R-rated superhero flick’s massive over-performance this past weekend has thrown everyone into a tizzy, including us, if by “tizzy” you mean “questioning some of our previous statements about Ryan Reynolds.” We toss the ball around a bit, with respect to the modern movie star and the growth of the comic book movie genre, before taking several more choice swipes at the imminent death rattle of Batman v. Superman.

Mamo #344: Narrative

News about TIFF Kids, the Time Bandits Podcast, and Shorts That Are Not Pants; followed by further discussion of narrative and storytelling in the genres we call “video game movies” and “comic book movies.” It’s a Marvel! Join us.

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Mamo #Three Oh Two: The Mamdarin

That’s how Dad did it, that’s how America does it, and it’s worked out pretty well so far – but how far can you push the comic book movie in the post-Avengers world? Team Mamo spoils the holy crap out of Iron Man 3 under the scorching heat of Ben Kingsley’s sunglassed stare…

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