Movie Club Podcast #16: The Warriors and After Hours

It’s the Film Junk podcast crew (Sean and Jay) teaming up with Row Three’s Marina, Andrew, Kurt and Matt Gamble (a regular on the R3 Cinecast and Where the Long Tail Ends) in a nice roundtable discussion on two all-in-one-night New York odyssey films: Martin Scorcese’s intense and comedic After Hours, and Walter Hill’s colourful and stylish The Warriors.

The movie club is as much for the listeners as it is the contributors. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section over at the movie club page and we’re happy to banter on with a little back and forth. Whether it is the comic book transitions added into the 2005 directors cut of The Warriors, or whether or not Griffin Dunne’s character is an asshole in After Hours, we were fairly passionate in the discussion. Enjoy the show!

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