Trailer: Blue Jasmine

It looks like all the right ingredients for another great Woody Allen film, with this trailer for Blue Jasmine. The Woodman is back in America for this outing, and has Cate Blanchett (channeling Judy Davis as much as all lead characters in his films channel Allen himself) looking to out-drunken-rage Kate Winslet (from Carnage) playing a woman on the downward slide of wealth and happiness and forced to leave her extravagant Manhattan lifestyle behind and move in with her sister (the always excellent Sally Hawkins) in Brooklyn. Many man orbit the pair of women, played by Bobby Cannavale, Louis CK, Andrew Dice Clay and Alec Baldwin. Somewhere in there is Peter Sarsgaard and Michael Stuhlbarg, but clearly the show belongs to Blanchett who is playing a narcissistic monster with major issues.

Check out the trailer below.

International trailer for Joe Wright’s Hanna


Shaping up to be the ‘guilty pleasure’ Hollywood action-fest for 2011, the UK trailer for Hanna focuses less on plot and more on Saoirse Ronan’s titlular character. Upon considering both marketing strategies, it looks like a grand time at the movies, either way. Finally (ok, I’m kidding), they made a Bourne/Salt-styled super-spy movie aimed at the teenager set – only it isn’t – particularly when you consider the art-house director, world-class cast, and the promise of it being more than a little bloody. Do you think this will go out rated R? I do.

The trailer is tucked under the seat.
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