Lynch Shooting Twin Peaks Conclusion/Promo/Something.

The casting call for this is hilariously politically incorrect, as is usual for this sort of thing (see below), but are you ready for a tiny taste of Peaks after 25 years?

“TWIN PEAKS PROMO. Directed by David Lynch. Shoots in Los Angeles on Tuesday, January 7, 2014. Prob a 6 hour or less day. Rate is 150/8. You must live in LA to submit. I don’t think SAG has jurisdiction on this, so SAG and NON can submit. I have called SAG to double check this and I am awaiting a call back to confirm.
HOT Caucasian girl – BRUNETTE OR REDHEADS ONLY to play waitress. Age 18-27. MUST have an amazing body. Busty, very period looking face. Please submit two current color photos (one body shot, one face shot), your sizes, union status and contact info to:”


Friday One Sheet: Alternate Movie History Poster Designs

Taking a break from the plethora of minimalist poster designs that seem to be the most popular trend in niche key art on the internet. Here is something completely different. Using retro poster designs and ‘alternate universe casting’ for various film properties – what if Ghostbusters was a Hammer Horror picture? What would Akira Kurosawa’s 2001: A Space Odyssey look like? What if Calvin and Hobbes was written at the turn of the century and adapted into a feature film in the the early 1930s (by King Vidor no less.) It takes a precise cocktail of geek properties and film history to appreciate exactly what Sean Hartter is doing with this growing collection of posters. It’s fun to expand the images and behold all the production design and directing credits, the attention to detail and often esoteric choices are pretty impressive beyond the graphic design work.

Hat tip to

A few more choice examples are tucked under the seat.

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Galifianakis & Roberts On Board for It’s Kind of a Funny Story

ZachGalifianakisNews of Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden’s Sugar (our review) follow up It’s Kind of a Funny Story have already excited my little heart but this recent news out of Toronto is sure to catch the attention of a few others.

A story of teen romance set against the backdrop of depression, drugs and a mental institution, the film has cast a few roles and though no lead has been announced, news today is that funny man of the moment Zach Galifianakis has been cast in one of the main adult roles while Emma Roberts, a young up-and-comer who made an impression with her great performance in the under-seen coming-of-age tale Lymelife (this one’s worth a look for the The Ice Storm fans in the audience), will play the romantic lead of Noelle.

Curious that we’ve yet to see an announcement on the lead role of Craig but I expect this will be made clear in the next announcement.

A Plea to Kevin Costner

Kevin CostnerOh Kevin. What happened to you Kevin? You made some great films, then some not so great ones and then you seemed to fall right off the radar. And then there was Mr. Brooks. Not exactly spectacular stuff but it seemed like you were on your way back but alas, it materialized into nothing and sadly your track record doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

Tell me, why. Why you would agree to star in a movie which is such a sadly obvious attempt to say something poignant about the current state of the economy? In The Company Men you’re going to play a drywall installer who gives his recently laid off from Wall Street brother-in-law a job. I’m assuming that somewhere in there you’re also going to teach him a lesson about how money isn’t everything and that it’s the little things that matter. I know working alongside Ben Affleck is exciting but I have a feeling you signed on to work with Tommy Lee Jones whose role is to play the moral catalyst in the entire thing, likely stepping up to his greedy partners. Or maybe you’re just doing for it for the money. I can respect that; I know that producing a follow up to Dances with Wolves is expensive but maybe you should have waited for Mr. Brooks 2: A Daughter’s Revenge to start production.

Will I watch? Maybe not. I thought I’d give you another chance with Swing Vote but I couldn’t even get up the energy to rent the bloody thing never mind take myself to the theatre to see it. At this rate, your HSX stock must be in the $.50 range. I don’t want to lose faith in you but when you keep making films that sound this bad, it can’t be helped. But who knows. Maybe I’ll be surprised. If anyone can surprise me Kevin it’s you.

At least I still have my extended version of Waterworld to keep me going for a little longer but give this girl a break. You’re killing me and at some point, you’re going to have to give me a lifeline.

Egoyan Casts Next Film

Atom EgoyanThought most have yet to see Atom Egoyan’s new film Adoration (look for it playing across Canada early this year as part of Canada’s Top Ten), he’s already started work on his follow-up, a new thriller about infidelity and mistrust.

Chloe is adapted from the French film Nathalie by writer Erin Cressida Wilson who was also responsible for the scripts of Secretary and Fur: A Portrait of Diane Arbus. Empire has news that the film has cast the major roles and they include some great talent namely Julianne Moore, Liam Neeson and Amanda Seyfried. Moore will play a woman who thinks her husband (Neeson) is cheating so she hires a call girl (Seyfried) to seduce him.

Admitedly the project sounds run-of-the-mill but Egoyan is anything but that. I’m hopeful that there’ll be a little more substance to this thriller and with Egoyan and these actors on board, it’s a likely possibility. I only hope this turns out better than Where the Truth Lies.

The film will start shooting in Toronto in February.

Bone Deep Adds Cast

Hayden ChristensenHow does a production company fuck up a project before it even gets off the ground? Simple. You cast two of the most dry, boring and barely skilled actors in the business.

Screen Gems is currently casting a crime thriller titled Bone Deep about a group of criminals whose $20 million heist goes sideways when a hard-boiled detective starts poking around. Directed by John Luessenhop, the film already has Matt Dillon in the role of the detective and now there are reports that Paul Walker and Hayden Christensen have also been cast in the film. Can you say bomb?

Are the folks at the production company that out of touch that they don’t realize the whole they’re digging themselves into? Christensen is a pretty boy with little talent and his good looks are only going to take him so far – especially when you consider he keeps taking roles that don’t necessarily appeal to his tween fangirl demographic – and Paul Walker…well, he’s had it rough. Fast and Furious looks like it’ll be fun but of everything I’ve seen him in outside of the car-love franchise, the only one in which he displays any talent is the surprisingly good Running Scared and even there he’s stretching himself pretty thin.

It matters little, the project doesn’t sound particularly appealing to me, but I find it oddly funny that a company would shoot themselves in the foot quite this badly. Casting either of these guys would be a mistake but casting them both in the same film is critical (and probably box office) suicide.

Roller Derby Greatness Adds More Cast Members!

Zoe BellI know nothing about roller derby but you say roller skates and full contact sport and I’m definitely curious to find out more. I’ve seen a couple of videos and though I haven’t read the entire wiki entry on the sport yet, it looks like I’m missing out on a whole lot of action. Hopefully, a new film on the horizon will help fix all of that.

Drew Barrymore’s feature film directorial debut Whip It! has been abuzz since it was originally announced. With a script by Shauna Cross adapted from her own novel, it’s the story of an indie-rock loving misfit who finds a way of dealing with her small-town misery when she discovers a roller derby league.

Ellen Page had already been cast in the central role but four more cast members were announced last week: Marcia Gay Harden, Kristen Wiig (busy girl!), Juliette Lewis and the fabulous Zoe Bell. I’m guessing this thing is going to be darn funny and with the inclusion of Bell in there, I’m also assuming we’ll be seeing some serious action sequences. Can you say girl fight? This one’s sounding mighty interesting!

To get you pumped, I dug through YouTube for a few clips of roller derby action and I found a few but the one below gives a nice feel for the physical contact involved in the sport.

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Herzog’s Bad Lieutenant Adds Cast

Val KilmerIt’s safe to say that the announcement that Werner Herzog would be directing a remake, some people are calling it a continuation, of The Bad Lieutenant with Nicholas Cage and Eva Mendes, surprised a lot of people. The project is getting ready to kick off later this summer and as a result, we’re starting to get a few more casting announcements.

According to Empire, the cast has grown exponentially to include a number of small names and two biggies namely Val Kilmer, who will play the partner of Cage’s eponymous crooked cop, along with the fabulous Fairuza Balk.

Never having seen it, I’m not familiar with the original other than to know it was rated NC-17 and that it was a favourite pass time of partner and his buddies to try sneaking into see this, finally succeeding only to be thrown out during the apparently gruesome rape scene. I feel like I should probably give this a watch but I’m not sure if that’s completely necessary. I’m open to persuasion either way.